| 18 Jan 2022
The saga continues; Martin Garrix responds to Spinnin' Record's statement

MUMBAI: The widely publicised feud continues between Dutch DJ Martin Garrix and label Spinnin’ Record. Garrix has released a response to a statement released by Spinnin’ Record last week.

The saga started when Garrix left the label and its management company, Music All-Stars last year in August. He announced his decision on the social media site Facebook:

NEWSDue to rumours in the music industry I think it is necessary to inform everyone as follows.It is correct that I...

Posted by Martin Garrix on Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The split has not been very friendly, although Spinnin’ Record assured that they have released the ownership of Garrix’s music, he still sued them and his former manager Eelko van Kooten, not only for the music, but also for falsely misleading him into contracts which were not in his interest.

Last week, Spinnin’ Record issued a statement that they would continue their collaboration managing, releasing and distributing the Dutchman’s music until 1 July, 2017.

In a new press release, Martin Garrix said that Spinnin’ side’s story is one sided and in any case incorrect in some respects. He also admitted that he granted Spinnin’ Record a seven year license to all his music up until the termination, but he also informed that he took even more legal action to confirm any obligations to Spinnin’ Record and Music All-Stars.

The official statement that was released via Garrix’s PR agency earlier today is here below:

Dear all,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fans for their support and I wish everyone a 2016 full of love and great music!

With reference to the statement that Spinnin’ Records’ issued a couple of days ago regarding my termination of the management agreement with MAS and my artist agreement with Spinnin’, I feel the urge to set the record straight on a number of things that are stated.

Spinnin’s statement is – to say the least – one sided and in any case incorrect in some respects.

Don’t be misled: further legal proceedings are initiated by me, not Spinnin’ or MAS, and the main object of those proceedings is to ask the court to confirm that I have rightfully terminated and nullified my agreements with Spinnin and MAS. If the court follows me in this, it will be Spinnin and MAS who will have to compensate me and not as they now suggest the other way around.

My lawyers have issued a writ on 23 December 2015 and will release a more detailed statement in a few weeks setting out the details of the proceedings and the grounds for the nullification of the agreements with Spinnin and MAS.

For now, I only want to have said that Spinnin’ and MAS’ statement confirms yet again that it was absolutely the right decision for me to end my relationship with them. I really feel freed and relieved that I am as of now the rightful owner of all my music and that I can release it when, where and with whoever I want.

After getting back my music ownership rights under the pressure of the summary proceedings I have granted Spinnin’ a 7 year license on music previously released by Spinnin’, with revised conditions in my favor. This 7 year license is nothing more than a manner to safeguard – without litigation – the availability to all of you of my existing music and the music made by me in collaboration with other artists signed by Spinnin’.

I have a great team supporting me as always and with whom I can start the New Year full of trust and confidence, with more new releases for all my fans and supporters.

This series of statement exchanges show that there are many differences between the parties, it looks like they will be there for quite a long time. Both the parties have made it a public PR battle rather than taking the business feud behind the doors.