| 18 Jul 2024
9X Jalwa launches morning show 'Ask Mona'

MUMBAI: 9X Jalwa will be airing morning request show titled Ask Mona. This special initiative by the channel has featured the famous Bollywood character 'Mona Darling'. But this character will be in an animated form. Ask Mona will be aired daily from 8 am-10 am.

Speaking on the new show 9X Jalwa programming head Imtiaz Baghadi said, "Ask Mona is the first request show on 9X Jalwa where the viewers can request for their favourite songs through 9X Jalwa's social media platforms. The viewers can also send their dedications to their loved ones which will aired on the show. We are confident that through this show we will further engage and interact with our community of Bollywood music lovers.

Ask Mona will be promoted across social media and digital platforms. 9X Jalwa will also run a set of contest named 'The Ask Mona's contest' will be held across the channel and 9X Jalwa Facebook page. The winners will be awarded an iPhone 8 for sending across their comments hash tagging it with #AskMona along with their favourite song request.

So, if you really want your favourite tracks to be played just put a request to Ask Mona and your tracks will be aired from 8am -10am.