| 24 Feb 2024
Steps on how to play YouTube music while doing other things for iPhone and Android user

MUMBAI: You want to listen something on the YouTube app while also doing other things on your phone? Here’s some steps for both Android and iPhone user

The first way is you can subscribe to YouTube Premium or YouTube Music but there are some more limited free workarounds to try.

Android users actually have two options-

The latest versions of the YouTube app for Android allow you to use Picture in Picture (PiP) to keep videos open while doing other things.

However, this doesn't apply to videos labelled as music.

To use PiP for a video not labelled music go to your Settings menu and select "Apps and Notifications".

Then click "Advanced" and then “Special app access” and “Picture-in-picture”.

Then find the YouTube app and make sure PiP is turned on for it.

When this is done you should be able to leave YouTube with a video still playing unless you specifically close it.

If you want to try and play a video that is labelled as music then you can attempt with the following steps which have worked for some users:

  1. Open YouTube via Chrome in a mobile browser
  2. Find the video you want to play and click on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner
  3. Then select the "Desktop site" option
  4. Start the video again
  5. Then tap the Home button at the bottom of the screen and the video should stop playing
  6. Open your notifications by pulling down from the top of the screen
  7. You should see the video and if you do you can click play

IPhone user-

Playing YouTube videos in the background while on your iPhone is trickier.

Some methods that previously worked were said to be stopped by the iOS13 update.

One method that is said to work more times than not is as follows:

  1. Get YouTube up in Safari and find your video of choice
  2. Tap the "AA" symbol in the top left corner of the screen
  3. The click "Request Desktop Website" when this option pops up
  4. In this version of YouTube you should then start the video and swipe up to close Safari
  5. The video should stop playing
  6. Then you need to open the Control Centre by pulling down on the top right hand corner
  7. You should see the video loaded there and then you can click play and continue on your phone