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private fm stations | 12 Dec 2007

Big FM vice president programming Manav Dhanda - We will not force fit a celebrity into the mould of an RJ

Manav Dhanda, vice president - programming for Big 92.7 FM, has been in media for over ten years. At Miditech, he piloted shows like 'Fame Gurukul' and 'Deal Ya No Deal', and at Radio Mirchi, was instrumental in the station's rapid advancement as programming head. As a freelancer, Manav has also...

online retail | 03 Dec 2007

Soundbuzz GM India operations Mandar Thakur - The...

Soundbuzz continues to be the country's only player straddling both the mobile and internet mediums...

Music albums advtg on TV on upswing

Television`s popularity as a means of promoting music albums continues to grow.

private fm stations | 16 Nov 2007

Radio City's National Head of Marketing Rana Barua - One of our...

Radio City's National Head of Marketing, Rana Barua leads the national marketing team, based out of...

international | 05 Nov 2007

Olds Still Gold in Music Industry

The Om shanti Oms and the Saawariyas might be the rage of the moment, but if statistics are to be believed, Bollywood`s golden oldies continue to rule the roost.

radio | 03 Nov 2007

TAM Media Research vice president Pradeep Hejmadi - What matters is giving the market data that is sensitive enough to show change'

TAM India, progenitor of the Radio Audience Measurement study that has just been rolled out, kept a studied silence while the broadcasters interpreted the results they day they were announced on 31 October. TAM Media Research vice president Pradeep Hejmadi spoke to's Aparna Joshi...

international music | 01 Nov 2007

International Music Feed president Andy Schuon - We are targeting 12 to 24 year olds - the Google /Ipod generation

Andy Schuon, former top programming executive for MTV and VH1, is now president of Vivendi/Universal's new TV network IMF: The International Music Feed, the only music TV channel owned by a record label - Universal Music Group. In an email interview, Schuon outlines his plans for the new channel....

national | 31 Oct 2007

Shemaroo entertainment director Hiren Gada - Unremix' albums are old songs packaged a new for Gen Next

Hiren Gada, Director, Shemaroo Entertainment is a management graduate with 13 years of experience in media. He handles several areas like Strategy, Marketing, Finance, Overseas Markets, Operations and Acquisitions for Shemaroo and has been instrumental in putting in place several new initiatives...

private fm stations | 25 Oct 2007

BIG Digital director Archana Vohra - We plan to launch three to four more portals this year

Archana Vohra took charge as director, Big Digital in September 2007. In less than two months of inception, BIG 92.7 FM's digital and online music foray has ventured into podcasting, plans to get into mobile VAS in a big way and launch a slew of portals in the coming months. Vohra oversees the...

hindi music | 19 Oct 2007

INX Media head of music entertainment channels Vikas Varma - Anything before 2002 is retro for us

Market sources say 9XM could well be the first from the INX Media family to get off the block, in early November 2007. INX Media head of music entertainment channels Vikas Varma refuses to be intimidated by the slew of existing music channels that may pose a threat to the new product, and plans to...

music | 16 Oct 2007

Do rock bands really rock Mumbai?

The rock scene in Mumbai is picking up.

music | 30 Sep 2007

Cashing in on compilations

Mix n match compilations are gaining currency in the Indian music industry.

Big 92.7 FM with its first-ever TV Commercial

Expectations were naturally high when Big FM`s first TVC hit the air, timed perfectly during the Twenty20 semi-finals.

private fm stations | 07 Sep 2007

Uninterrupted music gains currency on radio

No irritating ads and no yakking jocks. Radio stations are increasingly opting for half hour long slots that play music back to back, doing away with any breaks at all.