| 16 Oct 2019
11 Oct 2019

RED FM's 'Swag Fest 3.0' says 'Go Mental'!

MUMBAI: After the roaring success of the last two editions, 93.5 RED FM is back with the third edition of Swag Fest!

14 Dec 2009

Radio Mirchi CEO Prashant Panday - It is the...

The radio industry had criticized the HRD ministry's recent proposed amendments to the Copyright Act. The industry believes it will skew the field...

31 Oct 2009

Karbi Anglong wakes up to beats of a different kind

"What is it in music that brings people,...

21 Oct 2009

Pralay Bakshi - Radio or Rocket Science?

How often have you heard someone say, �radio...

05 Oct 2009

Recalling Gina

It came as a shock to learn of the unfortunate fate of Gina Braganza and I still can't believe she is no more with us. Passionate about music, she provided a platform for independent musicians with live performance venues in Bangalore and more recently, in Pune. No conversation would be complete without her mention in the independent music circuit in B'lore.

26 Sep 2009

Re-visiting Meow 104.8 FM

I've been thinking of reviewing Meow FM again to understand and share how it has evolved since then but it was only after one of the hosts at Meow emailed me to know what I feel about the station... that I finally got down to write.

It took me about a week or so to listen to Meow at different hours to see what exactly they are upto and here are a few things I managed to gather.

21 Sep 2009

Community Radio - Mann Ka Radio

Community Radio is truly what you can call Mann ka Radio....

A radio which is free from the hustle bustle and cut throat competition. There;s no tension of earning revenue and registering with RAM. Mostly, they are established by big educational giants. Well, I'd call it a good strategy as this adds another feather in their cap and spices up their Mass Communication curriculum.

15 Sep 2009

Ashish Patil - Music television is dead. Long live music television!

If there was ever a time to be in the music business, it's now!

04 Aug 2009

A time to wake up

The third phase of financial bidding for FM stations is around the corner and the players are all geared to bag the few metro stations and a clutch of virgin markets whose frequencies will be thrown open.

There is one big question which is preying on my mind, however. Where are the listeners? The advertising pie is shrinking between the players and listeners too. If you have noticed recently, many players have shifted their TG focus...earlier, most stations were capturing a young TG between 15-25, now it has been changed to 25-35 + above, for a simple reason.

29 Jun 2009

The AROI budget wishlist

The fledgling and nascent private FM radio industry owes its existence to the initiative of the Information and Broadcasting Ministry to create a unique example of encouraging private enterprise to build an industry which internationally has proven to be a major source of news and entertainment to the masses, besides providing tremendous opportunities for employment generation.

15 Jun 2009

Life as a 'love show' host - Lokesh Gulyani

RJing is something that happens in one's life and leaves memories for a lifetime.

28 May 2009

Forum or Ho-hum - Vineet Singh Hukmani

We attend forum after forum and at the end of it realize that most of them were �ho- hums' not forums. This is a checklist to classify the same before you attend one and then spare yourself the agony of another HO-HUM. Would request all organizers of these forums to take this in humorous spirit … after all you could use this as a checklist to ensure which side of the fence you are on …

1. If you are going to meet the same people the year before and it's likely that they will be wearing the same clothes then it's a ho-hum not a forum.

12 Feb 2009

Radio City Love Guru - Keep the flame burning, come what may!

Yeh ishq nahi aasaan bas itna hi samajh leeje, Ek aag ka darya hai aur doob ke jaana hai

This wellknown couplet somehow sums up the need for love in one's life. Companionship has been the perennial desire for man. But one needs to welcome joys and sorrows alike, which come as a package deal. Defining love is a task which perhaps no one has been able to accomplish since time immemorial. But yes, the feeling is sublime and like they say - you need to be in it - to feel it.

31 Jan 2009

Remembering Sridhar

Sridhar Hariharan Padmanabh or more popularly, H.Sridhar, to the people who would look for his credit either on a CD cover or in the credits of an Indian feature film, was a mathematics graduate whose love for music finally drove him into an area, where he will be remembered as a pioneer of sorts. Like Mangesh Desai and Daman Sood. My association with him was also through the credits as well, especially of albums by the talented AR Rahman. Not only the music but also the sound of Roja had made everyone sit up and take notice.