| 03 Dec 2022
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| 28 Jan 2009

FM round up west - Steady growth

After featuring the south, north and east FM scenario in 2008, completes the FM roundup with the west scene. 2008 was a tough year in general for media in India, but radio managed...

| 15 Jan 2009

FM roundup - east & north east - Riding High

Looking back, 2008 was the year of commencing operations for many commercial FM stations in eastern India. To make their presence felt, these...

| 14 Jan 2009

The toppers of the Bollywood music biz in 2008

From an astounding 75 'A' grader bollywood releases in 2008, barely a clutchful made the mark, music wise. Not surprisingly, films composed by Rahman...

| 10 Jan 2009

Noel Keymer's favourite jocks

RJ turned voice trainer and author Noel Keymer picks three of his favourite radio jockeys from the year gone by. Jeeturaaj: Radio Mirchi If there's...

| 05 Jan 2009

Brand integration: way to go! - Balasubramaniam

Brand integration is the imbedding or weaving of a client's brand with the radio station's brand into content that shares common brand values, personality, or message.

| 02 Jan 2009

Changing perceptions, building awareness - Anuj...

The year began with a wave of optimism about radio's performance and expected growth. A FICCI - PWC report talked about a growth rate of 40 per cent and an expected industry size of Rs 672 crore by...

| 02 Jan 2009

FM round up: South - A year of opportunities

2008 turned out to be a year of opportunities for FM operators south of the Vindhyas, as many players launched their stations during the year. 2009, say most, will be a year of consolidation. An...

| 31 Dec 2008

A rollercoaster ride! - Gaurav Vaz

Looking back at things that have happened with the band over the past few months, I am just amazed! It's been one crazy rollercoaster ride that we have been on and all along I keep thinking, "This is...

| 30 Dec 2008

Live music - juggling the highs and lows

With physical sales of the record industry registering a constant decline of almost 44 per cent each year from 2000 through 2007, the live music business gave new hope to organisers, artistes and...

| 30 Dec 2008

Kabhi Khushi, Kabhi Gloom - Rajesh Tahil

Figure this scene. It's a bit like an old Seinfeld episode. You go to a party; it's the end of the year or beginning of the new one (depending on when you are reading this). Someone asks �it's the...