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digital radio | 30 Dec 2009

Worldspace listeners want music to play on

MUMBAI: The news of Worldspace Radio shutting down has shocked its subscribers in India, a country that housed 95 per cent of its subscription base. Music lovers are aggrieved at the abrupt termination of the music service from 31 December. It is the loss of music that the users are upset about...

resources | 26 Dec 2009

Mirchi widens lead margin in Kolkata

MUMBAI: Radio Mirchi slipped slightly in Bangalore and Delhi in week 50 according to RAM data, but...

private fm stations | 22 Dec 2009

Mergers and consolidations - new mantra for FM stations

MUMBAI: Is there light at the end of the tunnel for the struggling private FM radio industry in...

resources | 18 Dec 2009

Red FM inches close to Mirchi in Mumbai

MUMBAI: Red FM clawed its way back up in Mumbai to give stiff competition to leader Mirchi in the...

gear | 16 Dec 2009

Gift some music cheer this X'mas!

MUMBAI: Time was when you walked into the neighbourhood book and music store and picked up CDs to give away as gifts during the festive season.

community radio | 15 Dec 2009

Govt rules out any financial help for community radio

NEW DELHI: The government on Tuesday ruled out any proposal to provide financial support to educational institutions and other organisations to launch community radio stations  Parliament was informed that a total of 48 Community Radio stations were functioning in 16 states and union territories...

private fm stations | 14 Dec 2009

Radio Mirchi CEO Prashant Panday - It is the legal maneouverings of the music industry that benefits them and the Copyright Board must stop this loot

The radio industry had criticized the HRD ministry's recent proposed amendments to the Copyright Act. The industry believes it will skew the field against them and benefit the monopolistic music companies and copyright societies. Radio Mirchi CEO Prashant Panday discusses the ramifications of the...

private fm stations | 11 Dec 2009

Mirchi improves lead margins in Delhi, Mumbai

MUMBAI: Week 48 was scarcely any different from preceding weeks as RAM data indicated nearly the same positions for all stations across the four major metros. Radio Mirchi, leader in three markets, improved its lead in Delhi and Mumbai and continued to snap at the heels of leader Big FM in...

community radio | 08 Dec 2009

I&B min to organise community radio consultations across cities

MUMBAI: In a move aimed at encouraging more community radio stations in India, the ministry of Information and Broadcasting is organising a series of state-level workshops across the country. The ministry has already held three consultations in November at Rajashthan, Shillong and Haryana....

resources | 05 Dec 2009

AIR FM sneaks ahead of Red FM in Mumbai

MUMBAI: The commentary of the first test match between India and Sri Lanka (which gave some nail biting moments to the Indians) probably helped push up All India Radio FM Gold's listenership share in week 47, but only in Mumbai. Gold thus sneaked past Red FM for the first time, staking claim to...

community radio | 05 Dec 2009

Community radio station to start at Lalitpur, UP

MUMBAI: The Sai Jyoti Gramodhyog Samaj Sewa Samiti, Lalitpur, Uttar Pradesh has signed its Grant of Permission Agreement for establishing, maintaining and operating a Community Radio Station. A Letter of Intent had been issued to the Institute after recommendations of Inter Ministerial Committee...

community radio | 03 Dec 2009

MP's Shivpuri to get its Community radio

MUMBAI: Sambhav Social Service Organization will set up its community radio station in Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh within an estimated three months time. With this, the number of CRS will increase to 61 in the country. A Letter of Intent had been issued to the Institute after recommendations of Inter...

community radio | 01 Dec 2009

Community radio to roll out in Haryana

MUMBAI: Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agriculture University will set up its community radio station in Hissar within an estimated three months time. With this the number of CRS will increase to 60 in the country. A Letter of Intent had been issued to the Institute after recommendations of Inter...

resources | 30 Nov 2009

Mirchi keeps holds on three metros, Big FM holds strong in B'lore

MUMBAI: Big FM slid up marginally in Bangalore while Mirchi slipped down a mite, but overall Radio Mirchi kept up status quo in the other three metros where RAM has its presence. Bangalore: Big FM upped 0.1 percentage points to end the week with a share of 19.4 per cent, while Mirchi slipped 1.5...