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year ender | 31 Dec 2008

A rollercoaster ride! - Gaurav Vaz

Looking back at things that have happened with the band over the past few months, I am just amazed! It's been one crazy rollercoaster ride that we have been on and all along I keep thinking, "This is the stuff dreams are made of! and it's happening .. for real!" There was a lull for some time in...

year ender | 30 Dec 2008

Live music - juggling the highs and lows

With physical sales of the record industry registering a constant decline of almost 44 per cent...

year ender | 30 Dec 2008

Kabhi Khushi, Kabhi Gloom - Rajesh Tahil

Figure this scene. It's a bit like an old Seinfeld episode. You go to a party; it's the end of the...

private fm stations | 27 Dec 2008

Nisha Narayanan - Leaping over hurdles

A brief note appeared on the website of Information & Broadcasting (I&B) Ministry recently...

community radio | 23 Dec 2008

Gulbarga NGO to launch CR station

MUMBAI: The Sharanbasaveshwar Vidya Vardhak Sangha will set up its community radio station in Gulbarga, Karnataka within an estimated three months' time. With this, the number of CRS will increase to 39 in the country. According to a government release, the ministry of information and broadcasting...

private fm stations | 20 Dec 2008

SFM Project head Nisha Narayanan - I wish the government had permitted independent news on radio before they allowed political ads

With its Siliguri launch in October, Sun Network's SFM has its presence across 43 stations and would be largest network after its remaining two stations (Aizawl and Gangtok) become operational. In an interview with's Anita Iyer, SFM 93.5 Project head Nisha Narayanan converses...

TV content freeze impacts FM radio

MUMBAI: The fresh content freeze on television is not just impacting the TV industry. FM radio stations, that have benefitting handsomely from TV channel promotions, suddenly find these ads drying up.

platforms | 31 Oct 2008

Sudhanshu Sarronwala- "It's mobile, expressive and has a long tail...."

One can perhaps argue successfully that communications, photography and music are the most digitized industries in the world. Just think of email, digital cameras and camera-phones and MP3'. Further, in terms of format change, digital music is quite simply the pioneer in terms of a changed format...

music services | 30 Oct 2008

Net gains from music

If you thought listening to music online was only about and, think again. A clutch of new players have upped their ante in the last one year or so, each one playing a different tune on the Internet. It's no longer about playing the latest Hindi chartbuster; sites...

artiste | 30 Oct 2008

Palash Sen - Let a hundred talents bloom

As I begin to write this piece, I am amazed at the timing of getting this opportunity, for there is so much to say. I shall repay this favour by writing the truth and nothing less. Anything more would be war! I write at a time when the music industry is at its worst. Surprised? Please don't be,...

programming | 30 Oct 2008

Ameen Sayani - "AIR can co-exist with private players"

Behno aur Bhaiyo...main apka dost Ameen Sayani bol raha hoon...aur aap sun rahe hain Binaca Geet Mala", these mesmerising lines still have a recall value across generations. The man behind the golden voice, Ameen Sayani chats with's Anita Iyer tracing sixty years of evolution of...

event management | 29 Oct 2008

DNA Networks MD T Venkat Vardhan - Live entertainment is still not a priority industry in our economy

T Venkat Vardhan started DNA Networks in India over 20 years ago, when ground events in the country – fashion shows and sports events mainly, catered to small city based audiences. Started with a vision to provide solutions and a platform to successfully conduct an event on a scale akin to those...

national | 29 Oct 2008

Vinod Bhanushali - Retail therapy

It may come as a surprise, but the physical sales of cassettes and CDs has seen a slight upward swing in the recent past. A few of the major reasons for the recent boost is the increase in the number of retail outlets, humongous promotion on television and various promotional activities with...

community radio | 24 Oct 2008

Radio Bundelkhand launched

NEW DELHI: For the first time, a non-governmental organization has launched a community radio station, thanks to the liberalized policy adopted by the Information and Broadcasting Ministry. The channel, launched by the Society for Development Alternatives, was operationalised late last week at...