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News |  04 Jan 2024 14:23 |  By RnMTeam

Anuv Jain explains the deeper meaning to ‘Husn’ art on the cover

MUMBAI: Singer-songwriter Anuv Jain, who gained the spotlight with ‘Mishri’, ‘Gul’ and ‘Baarishein’, released a new single ‘Husn’, an emotional ballad as it delves into the depths of heartbreak.

In a recent video, the singer explains the deeper meaning about the art in the cover of "Husn". "If you look at it you'll see a girl and a boy and they are both embracing each other but you see the girl is actually holding the guy and the guys arm are down. He's not embracing the girl which talks about where they are in that moment in that relationship. It's from a girls perspective, it's written for a guy and the guy is not in love with her but she is".

"And if you see the guy, he has his foot a part of the floor that extends to the entire world. The guy and the world are the same color which is green and the girl is pink. So what I wanted to say is that we are showing his entire world and she's apart of it but a very small part of it. And the big chunks of hollowness on the guy and on the world as well because of that incomplete loyalty. She doesn't have him completely, she just has him in parts. The love is hollow and empty", he concluded.