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News |  31 Mar 2021 16:44 |  By Tolika Yeptho

"Somebody had to protect this rich original history of music": Meet Bros

MUMBAI: Meet Bros gave a performance of a lifetime.

The 13th edition of the Smule Mirchi Music Awards was hosted on march 11-12, 2021. It focused on celebrating the best of the music industry and its talent in the last ten years. With its ‘Dus Saal Bemisaal’ theme, the award show hosted by Sonu Nigam witnessed some of the most scintillating performances.

Meet Bros along with Khushboo Grewal did a different thing on the stage. They didn’t sing any of their songs. Mirchi Music wanted to give tribute to all COVID fighters and so they wanted them to focus on inspirational and motivational songs. The trio did mashups with songs like Jai Ho, Maa Tujhe Salaam, Vande Mataram, Chak De India, Roobaroo and more. “These songs are to pull everyone up from stress and worries during the hard days”, said Meet Bros.

Mirchi Music Awards has always been particular about the richness and history of music “Somebody had to protect this rich original music”.

“There were two things the country was suffering from, Corona Virus and recreation of old songs. It’s very important for original content to come into place as the moments we create listening to it will become a memory. Music is very personal to me, it becomes a part of our memory, time, life; it goes a long way. Retro music takes us back to our younger days. When you recreate a song, it lands up in a very weird place, it just doesn’t feel like you own it”.

They are very creative in all the ads that they plan, they never missed out to pay tribute to all the musicians. As a music fertility Meet Bros are very proud of Mirchi, they think about musicians, in most awards shows people are crazy about Bollywood movies. Mirchi recognises, respects, acknowledges and rewards it. Bringing back the retro song was a very creative thing.

Movie songs are not happening now but independent songs have raised their bars as high as Bollywood songs. “This year our focus has been on independent music, we have 15 songs coming up with different artist”.

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