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News |  01 Sep 2020 15:10 |  By RnMTeam

Shaan still feels like he's in his 20's!

MUMBAI: Shaan says bollywood songs dwindled in number, but he kept himself updated with all trends and tried his hand at different things.

Shann has spend 25 years long on his musical journey,he started his singing career in 1995 with Indie pop music. And he continues to churn out more work, like his recent single China. He says he cannot be ‘thankful and grateful enough’ and owes it to being around positive people .

The 47-year-old confesses that the company you keep is important. If one surrounds oneself with the right people, who will call a spade a spade, and won’t keep you in any delusional world. He is aware it’s always been like that, it’s about youngsters, because the consumption is for them. For him, to just be around and get projects even after 25 years, and that he is thrilled., who has sung popular songs for films such as Fanaa, 3 Idiots (Behti Hawa Sa Tha, All Izz Well) and Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi (Voh Pehli Baar).

How was the proceeding through the volatile nature of the business, where fates change every Friday and competition is tough? Shaan Says “He love challenges. If we look at his graph, for the first 10 years, 2000-2010 he was there in probably every film, had a hit every other day, things were right up there. The next 10 years have been pretty quiet comparatively for him , except for a few sprinkled hits. He didn’t have too many Bollywood songs, and used that to his advantage. He tried his hand at different things, like acting in a film that didn’t do well,so he started his own YouTube channel. Usually a door shuts, another opens, luckily it hasn’t shut. Just this year I had a song in Baaghi 3.

“People who sit and complain, bicker that ‘it is not good now’ are the ones who get left out. I don’t want to sit at home, crib ‘look what has happened now, it used to be so much better in our times’. I don’t want to sound like some old has been! I still work out, feel I am 20-something. I like to adapt to the change,” he says. The singer is also of the opinion that change is inevitable, and he doesn’t want to be among those people who reminisce about the past, or rue that things today are different.