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News |  01 Apr 2020 09:00 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Aaryan Banthia's "Back in the day" makes its way to Billboard

MUMBAI: Singer Aaryan Banthia who made a great remark on his last debut “Yaadein” has added another feather into his cap “Back in the day” written by Rishab Sharma and has crossed a million views.

The song “Back in the day” signifies the lost friendship due to busy lifestyle. It lays out the bond the group members shared within them. Speaking about the motive behind the song, “Lyrics were written by my friend and he asked me to compose it, it had a lot to do with our own childhood that is why its “Back in the day”, said Aaryan Bhatia. 

Watch here:

Aaryan’s first English debut “Back in the day”  which was listed in Billboard charts as upcoming talent, “It was a huge achievement” he stated, “It’s a very good feeling, this is my first English debut and it’s already in Billboard’s charts. It has motivated me to write more and I’m already working for another song, and being quarantined at home gives me more time to make new songs”

Commenting on his thoughts on continuing to write English songs he said, “I’ve not yet decided but I’m working now on English song as the last one is doing very well. This is something I wanted to do when I got into the music industry to write in English, however, in India, the market in English is not big. But yeah, working on English only lately”

The singer focuses more on making his own name in the market, so instead of making a label, he is really planning to grow his own channel right now. 

In the future he would want to collaborate with artist that he personally looks up to like John Mayer, “but that’s a long way to go” he adds.

Aaryan formed a band named “The Bombay Gramophone Company” who performs cover Bollywood songs he shares, “I never really sang before in public, it was just around with my family and no one knew I could sing. I made a few friends in a restaurant, I sang a song and my friend suggested we form a band, that’s is how everything started. Our first stage performance was in Kolkata and we were doing really good so slowly we performed all across India. But then I wanted to compose my own songs and music and so here I am”

The 26-year-old singer is doing productive things during the recent outbreak of COVID-19 he exclaimed, “Producing music, sitting with my family because after a long time I got some holiday as I keep travelling and working for shows. I have a small set up studio at home in Kolkata and Bombay as well, I’m working for my next song and hoping things calms down soon as this is a sad thing that’s happening all around the world.”

“I hope everyone is enjoying my music, there’s a lot coming up soon. Stay Tune!”