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News |  04 Sep 2018 21:34 |  By RnMTeam

'Naina Barse Kyun' is a happy, fun, quirky, breakup song: Garima Yagnik

MUMBAI: Alka Yagnik’s niece, Garima Yagnik has recently released her new single, Naina Barse Kyun, which is out on the YouTube page of Times Music.

Speaking about the song, “It’s a very different, ‘hatke’ song, which is a little quirky. If you look at the lyrics, Aankhein Bheegi Hai Mann Khoya You, you will realise that it’s a sad song about losing someone. But, if you listen to the song, it’s very upbeat, fun and ‘majedar’. So, I would describe Naina Barse Kyu as a happy, fun, quirky, breakup song, something different from what you hear on the radio right now.”

On being asked about what led to this bizarre number, the youngster said, “The music composers of the song, Naresh Anand composed the song and made me hear it. I really wanted to give a try. They also said that this style might fit with me because I love mixing western and Indian genres in music as I grew up in London and after coming to India, there were Hindustani influences. I tried it out in my own way. Luckily, they liked it and Times Music also found it interesting.

“The video was a lot of fun to shoot and I believe people will experience the same, while watching it,” she added.

Watch the song here:

Garima also told that Naresh Sharmaji, who has been in the industry for such a long time, has been a great mentor to me.

Garima, who is open to get signed with a label said, “I just want to do keep doing a lot of work. Of course, I am open to signing with a label because you can create more stuff once you are signed with a label.  I have done two songs with Times Music right now and I enjoy working with them as well as with everybody. So, I am open to try to anything. Right now, I am exploring and seeing, wherever it fits well for me.”

Garima started singing in Bollywood when she was 14, with none other than King of Disco, Bappi Lahiri. Revealing about her journey, she said, “I did my first ever song at the age of 14 with Bappi Lahiri uncle, who is also a mentor figure in my life. He has also been very supportive and it was so crazy of me getting a chance to sing with him at 14. He heard me once, when he had met in a Pooja. I told him, ‘Uncle, mujhe bhi gaana hai’ and made him hear my singing. He is a a rockstar and a great man to listen to a teenager singing. I have an introduction to my song in Slum Stars, which is an album, featuring slum children. So, I sang some introductory lines to him, which led to the beginning of my first song that ever came out. After this, I have been recording and exploring.”

On her aunt Alka Yagnik, Garima said, “She is truly a legend and her voice is the most amazing voice, I have or will ever hear in my life. So, definitely in terms of singing, she will always say, ‘practice karo, riyaaz karo’. But for her, singing is a god given talent.”

Being Alka Yagnik’s niece, there were also comparisons. On this, the talented singer said, “People actually get surprised because, I grew up in London and have a more western style.  It’s very scary when you are related to one of the best artists of all time. I try not to listen to them, because no one can compare me to her, who is a legend. I would like people to think of me as a new artist like Garima Yagnik, though they will make comparisons. But, it will be easier for me because I would like people to see me as a new sound.”

 “But, she has given me tips when it comes to working in this industry. She told me to stay focussed on work and not get distracted because at the end of the day, work is most important,” Garima told.

On her favourite singer, apart from Alka, Garima shared, “I am a huge admirer of Sunidhi Chauhan. I think she is fantastic and has a great stage presence. She has also experimented a lot with different influences in music. I once told her ‘You are like the Christina Aguilera of Indian music. I, thus, really love her style.”

Making covers is a current trend today. On this, Garima reveals, “I have put out a cover, last year, a mashup of Sawariya and Faith by George Michael. With our current internet culture, we are turning into a one big culture and mixing and merging. And, yes, I will keep on doing covers. It’s a lot of fun to recreate songs.”

On being asked about her plans on Bollywood singing, Garima exclaimed, “I would love to do Bollywood as a lot of people listen to Bollywood songs in India, but will also continue doing independent singles as well.”

Coming from a well-known family, associated with music industry was easy for Garima to get introduced to the music industry. So, when asked if she had to struggle to get opportunities, she told, “I won’t say that the struggle is over, but is still ongoing. I think it’s difficult for anyone because in this industry there are son many people, who want to get into the industry. But I don’t think about it and just want to keep on putting good songs, stay focussed and not get bothered by competition.”

Garima Yagnik also acts and does theatre drama. Spilling beans about the same, she said, “Currently, I am also performing at the Kingdom of Dreams in a show called Balle Balle with Wizcraft. It’s a Broadway Style musical in which, I am singing, acting and dancing. It’s a very intense experience. It’s like an Indian Mamaiah.”

Meanwhile, the song is out on all major digital streaming platforms, including iTunes, Hungama, Saavn.