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News |  23 Jul 2018 16:55 |  By RnMTeam

Even though the world is telling you the opposite, navigate as a woman in a manÆs world: Singer Magos Herrera

MUMBAI: Magos Herrera, a jazz singer-songwriter, producer and educator, regarded as one of the most expressive, beautiful voices in the contemporary Latin American jazz scene has now joined the faculty of Global Music Institute. Currently, she is spending most of her time living, learning and playing music with the students at GMI.

On her association with Global Music Institute, Herrera says, “Fabio Gouvea, the guitar player that teaches during the summer at GMI was invited and he suggested my name to them. That’s how the root collaboration took place.”

The latest faculty also went on to share her experience at GMI, “I love to teach and believe that sharing your knowledge is a way to express gratitude. Getting to know young musicians who express themselves, their personalities, their uniqueness and dreams is beautiful and inspiring.”

Magos Herrera is best known for her eloquent vocal improvisation and her singular bold style. She can also sing in Spanish, English, and Portuguese, apart from Latin American melodies and rhythms.

“Since I got to school in Los Angeles, I just loved the improvisational aspect of jazz, the textures, the interplay, I loved it,” says Herrera on jazz music.

On her career spanning 20-years the singer shares, “It has been a long journey but to make it short it’s been my most intimate, beautiful, challenging, transforming, thrilling companion. Since the beginning when I decided to study music, to having a beautiful career in Mexico and then moving to New York and having the blessing of an international opportunity, I am doing what I love.”

Music as a career is not easy to take up, there are many ups and downs, on this, the singer says, “When things are not going as expected, don’t lose your focus. Find the sincerity and strength to work. As an artist I have witnessed throughout the process, you have to be creative and stay true to your career. Even though the world is telling you the opposite, navigate as a woman in a man’s world.”

On coming down to India, the artist states, “I connect to this country in a very deep level. We have created a beautiful net with young musicians that have become our friends. It is always beautiful to meet a growing international musical family.” The jazz singer is also extremely fond of Indian classical.

Magos Herrera slates a message to the budding singers, “Study and create a strong foundation. Be ready to be creative to create opportunities. Understand that music is a lifetime commitment if you want to be good at it.”

The singer’s new album will be releasing in September. This album is a collaboration with the New York string quartet Brooklyn Rider. Following which there would be a music tour.