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News |  23 Jun 2018 17:05 |  By RnMTeam

Jaipur based YouTube sensation Mohit Gaur shares an insight into his journey in the music industry

MUMBAI:  When celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Priyanka Chopra, Saif Ali Khan, Himesh Reshamiya praise a young talent during his stint at India’s Rawstar, people ought to take notice of him.

Mohit Gaur, a Jaipur based singer is the new YouTube sensation. However, his story isn’t the regular ‘I always wanted to be a singer’. The singer candidly confesses that he never thought of it and the singing career happened accidentally. The composer-writer discovered his ability to write in his school days due to circumstances almost every Indian students suffer. “I was never good with memorising answers for exams and would fail miserably. So, I started making up my own answers in context of the syllabus. This however did not go well with my school and they would fail me usually.”

This stopped when Mohit entered 10th standard, a crucial year for students. Öur faculty changed and we had a new Hindi teacher called ‘Ms Chandralekha’. For the first time ever, we had a teacher who said, if you give the same ghisa pita answers, I will fail you. This encouraged me to use my creative style of writing. She was also a patriot and therefore to impress her I would make poetry on patriotism. Nikhil wrote a song and composed it on his own. I envied him and wanted to make a song as well. So one girl at my tutions had very pretty blue-green eyes, and I made her my crush to make a song too.

Mohit’s maternal grandfather Suryaprakashji Gaur is one of the prominent Rajasthani Folk singer, who would regularly sing on DD National and he obviously guided Mohit, albeit a little sterness. “With lot of apprehension I approached Nanaji and told him I want to sing and compose music. He asked me to sing and when he heard me sing he instantly reacted, “Besura and Betaaala. I was heartbroken, but Nikhil kept encouraging me. Later, when Nanaji realised I am serious he started giving me tips. I followed them.”

Soon, his drive for music landed him in the reality show India’’s rawstar, where he received immense love and appreciation. “I thought of doing engineering. But nothing gave me pleasure like composing music. Today I have some 700 odd original songs with me and I cant wait to make audience listen to it.”

Like every artiste, Mohit too found his muses in many people. “My song Cupcake was based on my first crush. She is happily married today and she knows this song is for. Of course she can’t speak about it openly and we continue being good friends, because it was nothing more than just a crush.”

His recent song Wahin, is again based on his interaction with a special person, who is duly credited in the song description too. “I connected with Anya through a social media platform. I was surprised that she liked my songs so much despite being a foreign national. She was very inspired by Indian culture. I interacted with her a few times and the memories linegr on. I cant call her my friend or crush, but she is my musical inspiration.”

The song Wahin is about mentally being elsewhere despite being physically present at another place. “It’s based on true incident, as once when I was with my friends and all of sudden I started missing Anya a lot. The video too is picturised similarly to the occurrence”, says the singer who has more than 1,00,000 subscribers

The song has garnered over 5,00,000 views in no time. Ï am more than elated. I want to continue with independent music, as it gives me the feel. If I get an opportunity to sing in films, I will certainly take it but I never thought about it that seriously. For me creating my music gives me maximum thrill. That’s also the reason why my songs have a concept, that’s my individuality. The series is called Mohit ke story songs.”