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News |  01 Nov 2017 15:55 |  By RnMTeam

They were famous even before 'The Stage' happened

MUMBAI: After the successful run of season one and two, Colors Infinity has come up with an exciting third edition of The Stage. The third edition is not just thrilling but it also has a talented bunch of already famous musicians. Yes, these contestants have been under the spotlight for various reasons.

Check our list to know about the famous Stage contestants.

Arish Bhiwandiwala

Arish Bhiwandiwala is an actor. He played the role of junior Hrithik Roshan in Agneepath.

Nisa Shetty

Are you wondering if you have seen a similar face at Disney’s Beauty and Beast? Nisa Shetty was a part of the fabulous musical before her appearance on the show. We hope she sings some of the popular tunes from the place.

Lekka Sahni

 Lekha Sahni modelled along with pursuing her musical talent. She has modelled for campaigns, designers, brands to list a few. Her charmed voice and pictures both give us a jaw drop. 

Rhythm Divine

Rhythm Divine comes from Jalandhar, Punjab. The band wants to make English music popular in Jalandhar, where everyone is only singing Punjabi songs. No wonder the band was renamed in the recent episode.

This one is an exception to this famous list. But, she is an interesting pick.

Zoe Sidharth

Zoe Sidharth is the underaged contestant of The Stage. She sent recurrent emails to the network as she was not 18 and wanted the show to make an exception to this. It is relieving that this worked in her favour; we cannot imagine the show without her.