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News |  29 Aug 2016 21:48 |  By RnMTeam

Maati Baani recreates Michael Jackson's 'Heal the World' with 45 kids

MUMBAI: Maati Baani, the world music band, is not just about the two musicians who comprise it. Maati Baani is a place where The World Meets India, musically. Today, on 29 August 2016, Maati Baani released Michael Jackson’s ‘Heal the World’, recreating the magic along with 5 to 12 year old child artistes across the globe.

Maati Baani, that literally means ‘Language of the Earth’, is a unit of two musicians - Kartik and Nirali. Formed in 2012, ‘Maati Baani’ creates original music rooted in traditions along with a contemporary reverberation. Their recent endeavour is to spread peace across the globe. Just using the internet, they teamed up with young artists from around the world, and recreated the song which is a refreshed version and released it on what would have been the legend’s 58th birthday. Jackson passed away in Los Angeles on 25 June 2009. He was 49 at the time. Maati Baani has recomposed this song by collaborating with children in the age group of two-12 years traversing the globe, to feature 20 acts and more than 40 child artistes in the song to erase boundaries and artistic inhibitions, to spread the message of love and peace, to create awareness on the sufferings of the war victims.

While talking about it, Nirali said, “It was a magical experience. When you are dealing with so many kids at the same time it’s somewhat difficult, however, we had to do it. We have been doing this internet collaboration since last two years and this time, it has been massive with 45 kids! In addition, I would like to mention Lydian’s name. As we got in touch with him, the whole track was done by that time. We were so flabbergasted by his playing, we recorded his part and that was added to the track later. To have him, we delayed the music video, but one thing I must say that it is worth it.”

Without actually meeting these children in person, ‘Maati Baani’ has innovatively used technology to recompose this song. The new adaptation of ‘Heal the World’ is a dedication to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson and it is also dedicated to the children who are living in those countries which are facing wars from terrorism.

The lyrics reflect the grievances that children undergo due to such variance and the way it jeopardises their development and well-being in every possible way. Composed in a span of over six months with child prodigies through the internet, ‘Maati Baani’ has creatively portrayed the innocence of children which will no doubt be moving.

Speaking about it, the duo said, “Maati Baani is known for bringing artists together to create new ideas, music, and compositions. Using this USP, we decided to exploit technology and identify trained, arty broods from Japan, Russia, USA and South Africa to redefine the song ‘Heal the World’ which in itself is an extraordinary message of love and peace. We are excited and hopeful that this initiative influences people to join hands against terrorism and make this world a better place for children.”

Check out the video: