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News |  15 Jan 2016 12:31 |  By RnMTeam

'Run It's The Kid' teases leap day album release with a breezy single

MUMBAI: In 2013, Dhruv Bhola and Shantanu Pandit spent their University days mostly jamming and creating upon their unified idea of music. Little did they know that three years after their debut performance in a festival at Escape, the duo with added strength through a permanent bassist and drummer, would launch a full-fledged album. With the name ‘Run It’s The Kid’, Bhairav Gupta and Danik Ghosh joined Bhola and Pandit for the journey that took them to NH7, Ziro and eventually on the verge of the release of their debut self-titled album.

Speaking with, the band’s co-founder and keyboardist/guitarist Dhruv Bhola echoed the anxiety and excitement almost every musician encounters. "We really don't know what to expect…we don't consider our music to be very accessible", said Bhola.

With an intention to provide a better idea of what to expect from the moody-waltz music that the band has successfully managed to frame in their 3 years of existence, the 4-piece outfit released the first single off the album 'Love we're made from Porcelain' on 7 January. Waltz comprises of compositions in 3/4 signatures and the single ‘Love we’re made from Porcelain’ reflects the true nature of waltz with a few variations. Shantanu Pandit’s melodious vocals sound is effortlessly compatible with the dynamics of the piece and undeniably cool time signatures. The four-and-a-half minute long track, however, would not be the only preview to the album. The band plans to release another single before the release of the album on 29 February. “The date for the release of the second single has not been confirmed yet, and I do not want to mislead you, but it's sometime in February,” assured the keyboardist.

Usually, an album tour follows the release of an album and the band plans to adopt the same traditional way of promoting their latest work. "Yes, album tours must happen and we are planning for the same within a month of the release. Cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Pune fall in our plans and we expect to generate more exposure through this." Apart from an album tour, the band would receive a major boost with the release of the video for one of the singles off the album. “We hope to make one or two videos for our tracks, but since we are self-financed, it still remains under doubt.”

The album will release under the label Pagal Haina Records. “Pagal Haina Record’s Dhruv Singh has been working with us since May 2013. He’s been really close to our music and that’s how we ended up with the label.”

You know your music is good when the vocalist of Goldspot posts on your timeline, just a day after the release of the newest single. Bhola, and the band, admire Siddhartha Khosla and pointed out these influences always create a positive impact on your musicianship. “If you have heard our earlier works like ‘Move Over’ (now off the SoundCloud page) you would witness our growth as musicians and the maturity has created a shift in our sound, and that’s something you do not plan. Just listening to more music and influences has that effect on you,” claimed Bhola.

Bhola also performs for Delhi-based indie artist Prateek Kuhad. When asked what holds the priority for him, he said, “My entire focus stays on ‘Run Its The Kid’. Bhairav and Danik, too, play for other bands, but our prime focus remains to be this band. The same applies for Shantanu.”

You can listen to their single ‘Love we’re made from Porcelain’ here/ Or download it from the band’s official website.