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Interviews |  22 Jun 2018 17:15 |  By RnMTeam

I began singing because of Disney cartoons: Alyssa Mendosa

MUMBAI: Vocalist Alyssa Mendosa, who is known for her hit Bollywood songs, Uff Ter Ada and Khwabon Ke Parindey, is all set to put-up a fabulous performance at the Quarters on 28 June 2018. Having started her career in 2006, Alyssa has created an identity for herself, different from her father Loy Mendosa of the Shankar Ehsaan Loy music composer trio. Alyssa, who writes a well as composes music, says that it was music that chose her. Her enthusiasm for learning from her and others experiences is never-ending. She has also earlier worked with music composers like Vishal -Shekhar, Shankar Ehsaan Loy, Colonial Cousins etc. Her year-long tour with Arijit Singh was quite profound. In an exclusive chat with Radioandmusic, Alyssa speaks about her upcoming performance, the reason for her absence from Bollywood, the unspoken bond she shares with her father and more.

Tell us about your upcoming performance at the Quarters? Are you performing here for the first time?

I am really excited to be performing at this beautiful venue. Yes, it is my first concert where I will be performing on the content, I have written and composed.

Can you list out the songs on which you would be performing? Any special performance, we can expect from you at the concert?

I would be giving some original content for this concert. These are pieces that I have not only produced but also composed and written lyrical content for. Also, since, it’s my first time, it makes the entire experience special.

Did you always aspire to become a singer?

I began singing because of Disney cartoons and have always been surrounded by music as a child. Each time, I saw the character in the cartoon sing; it felt that they had a magical response from the animals, plants and fairies. I, thus, believed, if I would sing then I would also be able to do the same thing and create magic. Hence, it was never about making music a career, but music chose me and that’s how I see it.

It's been a long time since you have sung for Bollywood. Can you elaborate the reason? Also, are there any projects in the pipeline?

There was a rumour doing rounds that I don’t live in India anymore, which is not at all true. I am very much around. Honestly speaking, I am waiting to record more songs for films. I’m not sure why that isn’t happening as often. Having said that, I trust in the universe and believe that there is a time and place for things. I do have a couple of things lined up. I have written a song for a friend and I want to make music for the love of it. I don’t want to be consumed by the business and politics of music at all. I am rediscovering my inner child and learning to do things for fun and out of love so all my songwriting comes from that place.

Your singles' Soldier' and 'You Were There For Me' released on Soundcloud this year. Tell us more about it.

Soldier is a song that was inspired by humanity. It talks about the battles within ourselves, the unseen battles each human faces and also the battles between people and how the only thing stopping us from a better planet and being kinder to one another is our own minds and sometimes the individual feels the world is against them. You Were There For Me is an extremely emotional song for me. I have been through a whole lot in my own life that not many people know of or see. People only see me on the outside.

Everybody needs an angel in disguise sometimes, even when we think we’re doing fine in life. This is the essence of You Were There For Me and also the lyrics and message I wish to remind every soul of.

You had earlier worked with Bollywood music composers, Vishal -Shekhar, Shankar Ehsaan Loy, The Colonial Cousins etc. Tell us about your experience.

I have learnt a lot from each experience. Thanks to all of them, I discovered something about myself and learnt along the way. All of them have brought so much joy to peoples and love in what they do and to have been a part even if only once is what I cherish deeply.

Working with, which music composer, be it Bollywood or international is your dream?

I am always open to working with everyone. As a creative, one must not limit themselves. Each experience teaches you to be open for you are always a student. When it’s time, you will also meet people who just get you and your ways. Those are the best creative relationships and I am always looking forward to discovering a side of my creativity I didn't know existed.

We learnt about your year-long music tour with Arijit Singh. Tell us more about it and how was your experience of jamming with him?

It was a beautiful experience. I was fortunate in so many ways to be surrounded by his team and to learn. That year was just too profound to describe. Every experience, be it creatively, emotionally as well as the people I met, it was all so beautiful. I was glad to be a part of someone’s larger purpose on this planet. There is no greater joy in elevating a creative soul and being a part of his team allowed me that. It was inspiring and there was just so much love among all of us. I would do all of it again in a heartbeat.

You also write and produce music yourself. Tell us more about it. Have you also produced music for your independent projects?

Yes, I do. This part of my creativity is for me first and foremost. It’s for fun. I don't judge it. It is not about following structure or theory, but I write by ear completely. It’s my meditation, which some embrace and some don’t. It’s a space to have fun and to allow things to just flow. There is a source and I'm just a channel. I don't force the process, but to write when I feel something coming through. It’s a blank canvas. My approach has always been like - How did music arrive on earth? It came before the theory. I always remember that and it’s just my approach and doesn’t have to be yours also.

Any plans to produce music for Bollywood?

Why just Bollywood? Of course, I would love to no matter where. I have my own process so I would like to be able to work in that way.

Any plans to compose like your father?

I am ‘Me’ and my father is who ‘He’ is. I am his child and an extension of him and his creativity but I am still an individual and so is he. He finds another side of him in my music and me in his. It is a full circle.