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Interviews |  12 Mar 2016 12:33 |  By RnMTeam

What I love about the stage is "image": Manasi Scott

MUMBAI: She can get you ‘High’ with her music and prove you ‘Jhoota’, if you think that a pretty woman can’t be multi-talented. Well, Manasi Scott is here. She is stunning, charismatic and high-on-energy. This multi-talented artist can act, dance, sing, write and compose songs.

Over the years. We have all witnessed different shades of Scott but there is a lot more to her.

In conversation with, she talks about the Indian music scene at length. Excerpts:

You recently released the single ‘High’. How has it been received?

Very well, considering it's an English song and dubstep by genre, both attributes not conducive to Indian listeners.

You have been in the Bollywood and independent music scene for a while. Which one do you prefer? 

I haven't really been given that "big break" as it’s called in Bollywood! The playback singing and compositions I've done have been for good movies but not for the so-called A-banner films and hence though the songs are great, they haven't become popular. 

I love composing my own music and I did so even for Sanjay Gupta's ‘Acid Factory’. I would love to compose for films as I do for my independent albums.

I love music. I love singing. 

Is there enough potential for singers in the live music scene in India?

Absolutely. I just wish performers would put more into the visual presentation of their craft.

Are there more gigs happening than before? Which are your favourite venues to perform in?

There are far too many artistes now so the work is less than it was when I started but there’s a distinctive, individualistic edge to it now and I love that.

The music scene in India has changed drastically over the years with music festivals coming into the picture. How do you look at it?

Had it been this big when I was studying Software Engineering I would've made it a career sooner. I love it. I love how the festivals give us all a chance to be around music and artistes. I believe this is one of the most exciting times ever since Alisha's iconic days and when MTV first entered India.

Do you wish to grow internationally? Are there any international projects in the pipeline?

Of course! I've been raised on rock n roll and Whitney Houston is the reason I sing. I'm constantly collaborating with international artistes and I leave the rest to God.

Who are the artistes /musicians you collaborate best with?

Shannon Pereira and I have always been able to create magic on and off stage. ‘High’ was with Mr. Doss and MS-Doss is our EDM project. Sidd Coutto. Gino Banks. I love collaborating! I give everyone a shot.

How important is image to an artiste? Is it enough to be a good voice? Have you worked on an image that suits your profile?

What I love about the stage is "image". What's the point of being on it if you can't present yourself visually as well? I feel it's as important as talent. I love changing it up. I love dolling up. 

Is the younger Indian audience open to experimenting with genres?

They are. They've just not been trusted enough and given honest exposure. 

Are singers getting a better deal with the amendments to the Copyright Act in place now?

The famous ones yes. The newbies I'm not so sure about.

Can you throw some light on your upcoming music projects?

I have just finished shooting videos for songs from my Hindi album which I'm in the process of releasing. I am also working on a new project with two amazing producers Nanok and DOSS and I am very excited about the songs we're composing together.

Is there anything that you wish would change for the betterment of singers in India?

Yes. I wish producers would put as much thought and money behind an artiste as they do behind a film. We would all make each other a lot of money while doing what we love.