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Interviews |  19 Nov 2015 19:29 |  By RnMTeam

The compliments and reactions are instant on radio: RJ Nitin

MUMBAI: One man that you can never get bored talking to is RJ Nitin of OYE FM, which is why the career path that he chose for himself fits him perfectly. He has tried his hands at acting, hosting and running a YouTube channel with Bollywood content, but, his love for radio remains intact. However, he wants to do lot more than just be a Radio Jockey.

In conversation with, Nitin talks about his journey and future plans.


When and how did you being your journey as an RJ?

I was in Delhi doing my Mass Com when I came across this radio hunt. A friend of mine insisted on me participating in it as he thought that my voice was apt for radio. So, I participated only to get rejected. Soon after that I started hosting events, and around this time I auditioned for Radio City. An RJ from the station was going on leave, so luckily, I got the job. When the RJ came back, I joined BIG FM. I worked there for two years, after which I moved to Mumbai, where I started dubbing for various characters, most of which were for Disney.

Was that a break from Rjing?

No, this was while I was still trying to get an RJ gig in Mumbai. I later bagged one of my best offers at BIG FM, Mumbai. The show that I was RJing was being aired across 35 cities. It was a big opportunity and a lot of people got to know me through it. I worked with Big FM for three years. During this time I was also hosting trailer launches for some big banner films.

When did OYE FM happen?

I moved to OYE FM after BIG FM. All that time I was RJing evening shows, but OYE offered me an early morning show. Since, I am not an early riser I wanted to get back to an evening show. Luckily, OYE offered me ‘Shaamleela’- a five to nine show, which I presently run. I also run a weekend show called ‘Musical Chair’ that features Bollywood musicians.

Do you prefer going live on-air or pre-recording your show?

I am not a big fan of recording content; I prefer going live. Even on days when I do not have a topic to talk about. I ask my listeners to help me with it. Recording is robotic. Even if I fumble or make a pronunciation error while on-air, I ask my listeners to help me. I think it is all a part of being real.

Do you look at radio as a medium to educate or entertain?

There are colleges and institutions to educate people, and, I do not think that a listener who is heading home after a tiring day at work wants to be educated. He wants some entertainment. My job is to bring a smile on that person’s face and if I mange to do so, I have succeeded. However, if an emergency situation arises that should be conveyed. And, I feel any RJ would do that.

Have you also tried your hands at acting like the other RJs?

Fortunately I did get opportunities to act in serials and short films. But I have not been able to give it enough time. Radio consumes most of my time and this is my first love. It is simply wonderful to have that personal connect with listeners. There are times when I get a call from a listener asking me to convince his mother to have medicine. A lot of them compliment me on my energy, so the compliments and reactions are instant on radio. It is all really amazing.

If you had to put down you love for Radio in short. How would you?

This is ‘home away from home’ for me. I have radio sisters, brothers, friends and people who treat me like their son. It is nothing short of a family-drama out here. Some people have even tried to find me a bride, which is hilarious; but at the end of the day it is so much love. It is just amazing. 

If not an RJ what would have you been?

I would have been an actor, salesman, Baba (spiritual guru), guide or a politician if not an RJ. I would have got into acting because being on radio is also a part of acting. And I would have chosen the other professions because they too involve talking.

A celebrity you have enjoyed interviewing the most?

Like many other people, I have really enjoyed interviewing Amitabh Bachchan. Both of us completed our schooling from Nainital, and we shared that connect. Mr. Bachchan even remembered the school slogan. We shared stories about us going to nearby girl schools to look at girls. It was a fun interview.

Are you a fan or an RJ while interviewing a celebrity?

For any RJ the priority is his show. Nothing is more important than the show and its listeners. Hence, you have to do your best to get content from a celebrity. One can be a fan or an RJ while interviewing a celebrity, but it should be for the show. So, while I was a fan in Mr. Bachchan’s case, I am just an RJ with most. 

What is next for you?

I will always continue with radio, but simultaneously I would like to try TV anchoring. I am always kicked about doing stage shows.