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Features |  16 Jan 2016 14:02 |  By RnMTeam

The five perennial Parikrama tracks that define their music

MUMBAI: India’s biggest rock act, Parikrama, has earned itself a cult status in the independent music scene since its inception in 1991. In the journey over three decades, the legendary band has rocked audiences around the world with high energy power packed live shows. The band has given a number of hits and here are few most popular Parikrama tracks.


The bass intro on this track sets the mood for what is about to come, followed by a twin lead attack and Nitin Malik’s high pitched signature scream, making ‘Vapourize’ one of the band’s most energetic tracks. The track was released in 2004.

But It Rained

Released in 1996, ‘But It Rained’ is a classic that may never leave the set list. The fans love it and keep singing the chorus word to word every time this song is played. This soft and sensitive track with soulful solo by Sonam Sherpa is sure to melt the listener’s heart. The video, which says a lot about the tragic lyrics, is also available on YouTube.

In The Middle

Another all-time favourite, ‘In The Middle’, is one of Parikrama’s older tracks. This is generally the opening track of the band’s live set. It was also the opening track when the band played at the download festival at Donnington.

Open Skies

This mesmerising instrumental is another permanent track on any Parikrama live gig. With a warm and soulful violin playing throughout, supported by keyboard harmonies, the number is a mood-changer in the heavy set. Composed in 1995 ‘Open Skies’ has always left fans awestruck with its feel and warmth.

Tears of the Wizard

A relatively recent track, ‘Tears Of The Wizard’, is based on the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy. With an epic feel, the track is reminiscent of the movie it is based on. The opening riff, the intense and fast violin solo makes this one of the heaviest Parikrama tracks.