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Features |  14 Jan 2016 16:45 |  By RnMTeam

Our Pick: Top 6 Indie debut albums of 2015

MUMBAI: Couple of weeks into the New Year and social media find itself filled with bands and artists announcing their plans for 2016. Several acts to look forward to, and clubs, cafes and festivals around the country are making sure the ‘new kids on the block’ end up on their respective stages. If the past few years are considered, the rise in the number of bands from smaller towns to bigger cities has been nothing but encouraging. Releasing an album is a big deal, and we look back at our pick of the best six debut albums released in the calendar year 2015.

'Time's On Your Side’ - The Imaginary News

Not just an uniquely-thought name, the sound this band’s debut album exudes could be considered as unique too. Considering how artists are experimenting with sound ensuring they stay ahead of the time, The Imaginary News revisited the sounds of the 80s. But nothing sounds repetitive in the six-track album. Comprising of Ankit Ranganathan, Raghav Sarathy and Vinay Prasad, the Bengaluru-based trio took a bit of help from session musicians to create their debut album- ‘Time’s On Your Side’- filled with refreshing chord sequences and melodic vocals. If you love ‘Goldspot’, this is your kinda jam.

‘Shalimar’ - Achint

What could go wrong when your debut album includes the voices of Bhutte Khan and Neeti Mohan, with Grammy-winning sound engineer handling the mixing responsibilities? Apparently nothing. With Times Music joining the wagon that Achint built for a journey to self-discovery, the Mumbai-based songwriter-composer released his debut album ‘Shalimar’ in September and the artist has never looked back since. ‘Shalimar’ can be categorised under the genre of ‘world’ music, and the album offers no less versatility than a 10-track album should. The ‘mind-blowing’ video for the track ‘Impression’ released a bit later, but did not fail to catch the necessary attention.

You can check the album here -

‘Khwaab’ - Aswekeepsearching

Some of you may know them as ‘that band that travelled and performed in cities across Russia’, but the journey to fulfil their ‘Khwaab’ wasn’t an easy one. The post-rock band released ‘Khwaab’ with proper build-up and the results were, obviously, effective.
Put on your headphones and lose yourself listening to this 11-track beauty. Currently, the band performs at every major venue and festival, and if post-rock makes you happy, keep an eye on their facebook page and stay updated.

‘Last Remaining Light’ - Last Remaining Light.

The self-titled album by Last Remaining Light reminded fans, once again, the beauty of alternative rock at its best. Comprising of Goddess Gagged’s Siddharth Basrur, Anurag Shanker on guitars, Karun Kanampilly on drums and Adil Kurwa on bass, ‘Last Remaining Light’ left no stone unturned in ensuring the sound justifies the band's soul and the intention was evident and proved when the band performed in front of an ‘impressed’ NH7 crowd in Pune, in December.

The following link would direct you to the album, and further, to their next live gig. Trust us.

‘Navarasam’ - Thaikkudam Bridge

A huge sensation in the South, Thaikkudam Bridge managed to bridge the gap between the cultures, firstly, by creating impeccable covers of some of the popular international tracks. The effort helped them gain some recognition; although the release of their debut album proved their original forte was musicality and versatility. ‘Navarasam’ was released late last year and few of their singles have been received with great reviews by fans and critics alike.

Check out their single ‘One’ and be the judge.

‘Orion’ - Dhruv Visvanath

Let us put out the names involved behind the success of Delhi-based guitarist, Dhruv Visvanath’s debut album ‘Orion’ – Skyharbor’s Keshav Dhar, Karajimo’s Viraj Mohan, Abbey Road Studios’ Miles Showell and Vishal Dadlani (we thought no introduction was needed here). Regardless of who and what helped ‘Orion’ reach where it did, the most credit, naturally, goes to the brains behind it- Dhruv. Technically, you cannot possibly complain about Visvanath’s compositions, and moreover, the album strikes you at right places fulfilling your musical appetite. You can buy the album at Ok! Listen, although if you need a reason to (we couldn't think of why), check out this track ‘The Enigma’ from the album and be mesmerised.