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Features |  16 Oct 2015 19:14 |  By RnMTeam

10 interesting facts about John Mayer

MUMBAI: Grammy award winning American singer and composer turns 38 today. His life is an open book, and he has never shied away from controversial questions during interviews. From dating celebs to learning self defense, John Mayer's life is no less than a roller coaster ride. 

Here are some interesting facts about the singer we have gathered. 

He is a designer

Mayer can effortlessly woo live audiences by gently caressing his guitar, and can even play television host. But he has a talent that goes beyond the roles of singer, songwriter, composer, producer, columnist and host. If you did not know it already, the Grammy winner also designs tees, sneakers, guitars and guitar amps. 

He knows Krav Maga!

You probably would not want to get into a tussle with Mayer as he practices Krav Maga, Israeli hand to hand combat. Paparazzi- take note. But his desire for learning something new does not end there. He is also fluent in Japanese. 

A generous philanthropist

John Mayer formed the ‘Back to You’ fund back in 2002 to support children with matters related to health care, education and arts. The singer also contributes by auctioning his guitars and several possessions for genuine causes.

Admiration for Stevie Ray Vaughan

John Mayer’s love for Stevie Ray Vaughan, the legendary American songwriter, started when he was 13 after his neighbor gave him Vaughan’s cassette. The ‘Clarity’ hitmaker’s love runs so deep that he even inked ‘SRV’ (Vaughan’s initials) on his body. However, The Police still remains his favourite band. 

He wrote ‘Daughter’ in the shower

The 2005 Grammy Song of the Year was written (or thought of) when Mayer, 27 at the time, was in the shower. Indeed, many musicians have found showers an ideal place for ideas, but we doubt many those songs won a Grammy.

He loves Watches

Yes! And he has $20 million worth of those gold and diamond studded beauties.


Mayer is well known for his partying habits, but he also works pretty darn hard when it comes to his music. One year, the musician did 188 shows, playing across the globe. Working hard, as a habit, came to him at an early age. Before achieving fame, Mayer worked at a gas station for $7/hour. After saving up for 15 months, Mayer bought a 1996 Stevie Ray Vaughan signature Stratocaster.

Back to the Future

Remember that epic movie we all love and watch every time it is on TV? Well, Michael J Fox’s guitar performance as ‘Marty McFly’ is what inspired Mayer to pick up the guitar. His obsession with the instrument grew to such an extent that it landed him in a psychiatrist’s office – twice. However, it is ‘Goodwill Hunting’ that is the songwriter’s favourite movie.

Penned his first lyrics in hospital 

Mayer was stricken with cardiac dysrhythmia when he was seventeen, spending a week in hospital. The experience motivated him to write his first song. Admitted as a patient, and discharged as a songwriter. Not bad, we say.

Has known James Blake since childhood

Mayer and American tennis player- James Blake have known each other since childhood. Their friendship goes way back to middle school, when the duo played Nintendo and tennis together after school hours.