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International artist Superboy releases his first single from his EP called Beyond Infinity

MUMBAI: Ratti aka Superboy has released his much awaited single Without You. This single is his first one from his upcoming EP Beyond Infinity. RATTI (A.K.A. Superboy or OhMyGodSuperboy) is an emerging Punjabi Indo-Canadian independent singer, songwriter, and record producer. He is one of the few creative artists who has been providing a fusion of different types of world music. He released his first single in 2021, which was a fusion of Indian cultural music, Punjabi music, and Reggaeton, with which he won millions of hearts and established his name among many different communities throughout the globe. He focuses on providing different types of music every time and is known for his writing skills and versatility. He has proved through his latest tracks that he’s ready for what it takes to be at the top!

Quote Behind The EP(Beyond Infinity):

“True Love is Pure, Endless, Limitless and Eternal. When you find that True Love and become Whole, there’s nothing that can hold you back, not even Life or Death, that’s when you reach Beyond Infinity.”

Without you:

"Without You!" is a sad song, which is originally part of RATTI's first album "Beyond Infinity". This song tells a story about a guy who has been ditched by his love and is in agony and pain. The artist wrote and performed the song very beautifully, and everything fits together perfectly with the beautiful music. This song is a fusion of Indian music and Trap Hip-Hop. This song was structured very beautifully by the artist, it starts off slow and soothing, and then it takes off to another level with different variations and compositions. Just listening to this music gives you a chill and makes you want to listen to it again over and over, and surprisingly it sounds better every time.