| 02 Mar 2024
Key highlights of Indian music industry in 2018

MUMBAI: 2018 witnesses some historic developments in the Indian music industry. The business grew, new players entered, and many events took the nation by storm. So, below are a few of the key developments that happened in the world of music in 2018!

Entry of Spotify

Sweden’s music streaming platform, Spotify created immense amount of buzz with its announcement of entry in the Indian market. The streaming platform, which has a humongous following in Europe and America decided to enter the Middle East and North Africa and expand its footprint. As far as India is concerned, Spotify faced some amount of struggle, back and forth. However, currently, the company has hired over 300 employees including top management and also rented out a large space in Mumbai as their Indian Head Quarters. The last important development on this front was the talks between Spotify and home grown music labels like T-Series that has been finalized.  While Spotify boasts of a subscriber base of 85 million across the current operating markets, industry experts have their doubts regarding its success in India. Primarily this doubt is due to the already existing players like Saavn, Gaana, Google Play and more. Also, the low penetration in the regional music industry might hamper its survival in India.  

The on-going tussle between T-series and PewDiePie for number one position

T-Series crossed 70 million subscriber base in 2018, becoming the most subscribed YouTube music channel in India. Currently, it stands at 79 million bases. On the global front, the tussle with Swedish Content Creator PewDiePie has been fought for months to become the number YouTube channel in the world. The difference in the number of subscribers among them, which keeps on fluctuating from a few thousands to lakhs and vice versa, is getting interesting every day. It is a game of wait and watch that might possibly see a result in 2019.

The Jio and Saavn collaboration

If Reliance Jio slashing the data plans was not enough to create trouble for telecom players, its entry in the world of streaming platforms, created a stir, mostly, because it announced the acquisition of home grown music streaming giant Saavn. Earlier this month, an announcement of free 90 day trial to premium services for the JioSaavn app was announced. With a portfolio of 45 million songs and original content, the integrated app promises users with its Freemium model. The combined value of Jio and Saavn, together, is anticipated to be $1 billion; Jio invested a total of $ 124 million at the beginning of this acquisition.

Bryan Adams concert

Last year, it was concerts of Coldplay and Justin Bieber that enthralled the Indian audience and this year, it was the Grammy Award winner Bryan Adams’ concert that made the nation go crazy. The tour was a multi-city one, spread across Mumbai, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, and Delhi. This being his fifth visit to India, the singer, himself, was excited to be in the beautiful country. Needless to add, all the shows were sold out and loved by his fans. The tour was in accordance to his album Ultimate that released last year. The event was produced by ENIL and partnered with Infibeam Digital Entertainment.

First royalties collected by IPRS

2018 will be written in golden words for the singers’ community. After a long-standing battle by Indian Singers’ Rights Association, the singers received their first royalties from public events. Although the amount was not phenomenal, it certainly paved way for the fight put up by IPRS members. A 2013 formed organization, IPRS, is backed by singers like Sonu Nigam, Alka Yagnik, Anup Jalota among many others. Led by Sanjay Tandon, the organization managed to collect royalties worth Rs 51 lakhs and distribute it among the rightful contenders. This year, the organization also spread its wings in Southern India and plans for further expansion in the coming years. After the first feat, Sanjay Tandon had said that this is just the beginning and the number of Rs 51 lakhs will grow manifold if mobile companies, radio channels, and Television channels start paying. To begin with IPL teams, Gyms, and amusement parks have come forth and paid royalties.