| 18 Apr 2024
Spotify unveils Song Psychic: Ask questions, receive musical answers!

MUMBAI: Spotify is introducing an exciting new feature called Song Psychic, which lets users ask questions and receive answers in the form of music.

Unlike Wrapped, which looks back at your listening history, Song Psychic taps into Spotify's vast music library to offer personalized responses to questions about topics like school, love, and career. Users can explore different categories and select from a range of pre-populated questions or type their own.

After entering a question, they'll experience a mystical moment as the app reveals their answer through a song. While the feature doesn't require users to press their finger on the screen, it adds a touch of fun and interactivity to the experience.

Users can easily share their answers with friends on various social platforms. Although Spotify clarifies that Song Psychic's responses are generated randomly and for entertainment purposes only, it's a playful addition to the platform that could keep users engaged.

Currently available to both free and Premium subscribers in multiple languages, Song Psychic is part of Spotify's ongoing efforts to offer interactive experiences beyond its annual Wrapped feature.