| 18 Jun 2024
Leading stations drop points, retain positions

MUMBAI: In one of those rare cases, the dominating radio stations from the respective cities have dropped points at the end of Week 38 (11 Sept to 17 Sept). Across the four cities, Big FM Mumbai, Fever FM Delhi, Radio Mirchi Kolkata and Radio City Bengaluru suffered a loss in shares. In fact, every station except Radio City Bengaluru’s loss extended to T.S.L. too. Big FM Mumbai (15.6 per cent shares) and Fever FM (17.9 per cent shares) dropped 0.3 per cent in shares, while Radio Mirchi Kolkata (19.8 per cent shares) and Radio City Bengaluru (23.4 per cent shares) lost 0.5 per cent of shares.

In Mumbai, Radio City jumped two positions to end the week with 13.7 per cent shares, replacing Radio Mirchi who followed closely at 13.6 per cent at the third position. Also sharing the per cent shares in Mumbai is the fourth positioned Fever FM that enjoys the maximum T.S.L. in the city at 6.17. Red FM, Radio Nasha, Oye!FM follow with 12, 7.5 and 3.4 per cent shares respectively. REDTRO end the week at the bottom.

Delhi’s top 3 observed a change too, as Radio City (10.5 per cent) replaced Radio Nasha (10.4 per cent) at the third position. Radio Mirchi retained second position (13.7 per cent shares). Red FM and Big FM retained last week's positions.

Kolkata’s top three retained their respective positions with Big FM (15.8 per cent shares) and Fever FM (14.7 per cent shares) at second and third positions respectively. Oye!FM (11.1 per cent shares), Aamar FM (9.6 per cent shares), Red FM (9.1 per cent shares) conclude the week at fourth, fifth and sixth positions.

Bengaluru's chart remains unchanged as second and third positioned Big FM (19.9 per cent) and Radio Mirchi (18.3 per cent) retained the top three slots. Fever FM with 13.9 per cent shares, Red FM with 5.6 per cent shares, Radio Indigo with 2 per cent shares and Radio Mirchi 95 with 0.8 per cent shares retained last week’s positions.