| 17 Jun 2024
Red FM launches a unique initiative 'Raunac Ki Dilli - 10 Lakh Tere Haath'

MUMBAI: Red FM, India’s largest and the most awarded radio network, has come up with a first of its kind initiative—'Raunac Ki Dilli - 10 Lakh Tere Haath'. Red FM’s RJ Raunac, who is a youth icon, has been given the responsibility by an unknown listener of Red FM to find out the right person to whom Rs 10 lakh can be handed over.

RJ Raunac, who had urged the people to vote through Red FM’s mega campaign—Dabaa ke Bajaa during the elections, will now ask the listeners to tell him about their needs, struggles and dreams which they think they can address if they get the donated amount of Rs 10 Lakh. The anonymous caller chose RJ Raunac because of his bond and rapport with people in Delhi.

Commenting on the initiative, Red FM COO Nisha Narayanan says, “Radio has emerged as a very powerful medium of entertainment as well as information dissemination in this day and age. With brands using radio not only to drive perception but also realising the strength of the voices on air as trusted ambassadors, radio has indeed entered a new level of engagement. The power of this medium is further reinstated through initiatives like these. The fact that people believe in radio as a rightful medium to help in causes like these proves how a mass medium can also be uniquely personal. As a brand, we are extremely proud that Raunac was chosen as the face of the campaign and we hope that he fulfills his responsibility completely."

The initiative started last week with a call from a mysterious benefactor who called up RJ Raunac on the show Morning No 1, urging him to take his case forward with Delhiites. Red FM has cross-checked the identity of the benefactor and has come to know that the motive of the benefactor is genuine.

Listeners need to register with Red FM and share their stories on the IVR phone number given by RJ Raunac. Listeners who register for the initiative will be shortlisted by Raunac based on the story and the need of the person. The selected stories will be aired on Red FM and the final winner will be selected on 21st November based on voting by listeners in Delhi.