| 17 Jun 2024
Xiaomi launches MI MUSIC for regular users

MUMBAI: Chinese smartphone maker, Xiaomi has recently launched MI Music and MI Videos for regular users too, as opposed to only being accessible to BETA users. The company known for its both Hardware and Software, has been popular for its reasonably priced phones in India, and here too the company follows the trail and offers the services at incredibly low prices.

The company has entered a tie-up with Hungama, one of the leading most music streaming app of India, for music. The range of selection of songs ranges up to staggering 10 million and 13 Indian languages, that can be accessed directly from Hungama app, for free. Although, like other apps, in case the user wants to download the song for offline listening, the user will have to pay a premium fee.

Primarily a software company, Xiaomi intelligently packages its software and sells it through the hardware they produce. Therefore, with MI Music, Xiaomi is back to selling what they are best at.

Constant updates, innovative features and rip off prices would be the highlights for the newly launched product. The Mi Music app would be updated with novel features like dynamic lyrics along with scroll and play for seamless playback, also a feature to give “Karoke”feel.

The subscription fee for Hungama for premium segment is Rs 899, but for MI Music’s introductory offer, the fee has been slashed to Rs 499 per annum. The offer for the same would be valid till next three months. To avail the feature of downloading music for offline consumption, the fee would be Rs 899.

 The company also has a vision of developing that it plans to develop a feature where music videos can be added, personalized recommendations and themes could be made, which will increase the library of the music app.

Considering the rapid growth in Online Music segment in India, Xiaomi has launched the services in India. MI Music and MI Video also happen to be the first of its internet services among the bouquet of services available in China, launched by the company in India.

Along with MI Music, Xiaomi has also launched MI Videos and has partnered with multiple partners for the same.