| 19 Jul 2024
BIG FM Bengaluru releases a music video for #plasticbeku campaign

MUMBAI: Considering the serious consequences of plastic pollution in the city, 92.7 BIG FM, one of India’s largest radio networks, launched a music video for #PlasticBeku campaign.

The music video is launched to garner attention on the amount of plastic usage in our day to day lives and intends to raise awareness amongst Bengalureans for the segregation and safe disposal of plastic waste. Fortifying its ‘change starts with you’ ethos, the captivating music video features all renowned BIG FM RJs including RJ Pradeepaa, RJ Shruti, RJ Rashmi, RJ Rohitt, RJ Vikki and RJ Divyashree.

Through this entertaining and quirky music video, one sees RJ Pradeepaa and Shruti address the pressing need for recycling and segregation of waste. It conveys the message of contributing to the development of the state and invites citizens in the collection drive. The plastic waste collected through this drive will be further used by BAIL to pave its internal roads. The video, starring popular radio jockeys and the team at BIG FM, went live on social media pages of 92.7 BIG FM, along with the official page of KIAL (BLR Airport). It has been receiving a positive response from the audience.

Commenting on the initiative, RJ Pradeepaa said,  “It is a proud feeling to initiate this much-needed conversation and spread this powerful message to all our listeners. It is wonderful to see organizations like BIAL and ITC join hands with us to spread the message. Plastic is one of the biggest menace that the city is facing today. We are hopeful that a small effort like ours for this cause will go a long way and contribute towards a positive change in society.”

Speaking on the quirky video, RJ Shruti said “BIG FM has always believed in catering to the pertinent issues that affect the people of this nation. Our #PlasticBeku is one such initiative which aims at motivating people and developing their sense of responsibility for making Bengaluru a plastic-free city. We need to make conscious efforts to ensure it this positive outcome. I hope through this video we can make the required impact and witness people in large numbers coming forward to join the initiative.”

Recently 92.7 BIG FM Bengaluru joined hands with Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru (BLR Airport) and FMCG major ITC’s Foods Division for their initiative- #PlasticBeku. The initiative/dive aims at encouraging the citizens of Bengaluru to give their plastic waste to build roads within the BLR Airport campus. This campaign also looks to raise awareness about waste segregation at the source to create a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable environment.