| 19 Apr 2024
I grew up hating my voice: RJ Jassi
MUMBAI: We hear a dozen of stories that go unnoticed, some real stories die amid the crowd, neither Google has them nor are they found in books. But what if these stories reached a storyteller, who could narrate them to the world?
Well, storytelling happens to be a great concept and who knows it better than our RJs who bring out these unkahi, unksuni baatein out on radio. At one such session on Storytelling, held at The Radio Festival in Delhi, popular RJs from India spoke about their journey, experiences, untold stories and a lot  more. One of them was BIG FM’s RJ Jassi.
Briefing her story during the session, she said, “I am from a family that did not read books and there was no interest in stories. I grew up hating my voice and had neither heard radio nor had an interest in it. I did not even know what an RJ is!”
She further spoke on how radio happened to her, “I enrolled in Delhi University and took up Journalism. I owe so much to the University as it transformed me as an individual. Here, I started reading books and heard about radio. Later on, I went to do an internship at a radio station, where someone appreciated my voice.”
“From there, I started my journey as a brand new person. I did street theatre for three years. People used to make fun that I have a man’s voice and I use to come home and cry that I want a girl’s voice,” told Jassi.
Well RJ Jassi has gathered a lot of learning’s in her life, on which she elaborated, “According to me ‘what we hate the most in life that becomes your biggest asset’. Everybody has a unique story. There are two types of storytellers, one who can tell a relatable story and the second one will tell you other people’s stories. I do fall in the second category. Radio in itself is a story. For me storytelling is bringing stories of people that I meet.”
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RJ Jassi also explained how even after graduation she did not know what to do. She told, “After my graduation, while others were doing post graduation, I still did not know what to do. In this world, there need to be people joh waqt ke saat apna raasta banate hai (who create their way with time). I think society puts in a lot of pressure on those who do not know what they have to do.”
“But, it’s okay if you don’t have a purpose because you will be led to your purpose eventually,” she ended.
Well, growing up hating your voice and later becoming one of the most loved RJs in India, RJ Jassi’s story was indeed applaud worthy!