| 18 Jul 2024
INCINK RECORDS drops it's first club mix - Mohabbat Nuka's Bhand mix

MUMBAI:  Actor Ranveer Singh and filmmaker Navzar Eranee’s music label, IncInk Records, dropped its first club mix- MOHABBAT NUKA's BHAND MIX, written and performed by Kaam Bhaari. Mohabbat is a track close to all our hearts at IncInk - a beautiful song about love dedicated to the lover in which Kaam Bhaari captures the ecstatic nature of love with the highs and lows of the experience.

Taking it up a notch NUKA takes you on an unexpected dance adventure with twists and turns all that started ONE NIGHT IN BERLIN! While Mohabbat hits 3million plus views we celebrate the only way we know, a boogie on NUKA’s BHAND MIX!! The track went live at 4.20 pm today (9.12.12/Monday), a little tongue and cheek -just how we are at IncInk. Expression is limitless, don't take yourself too seriously and enjoy the moment which is now.

NUKA aka Anushka Manchanda said, "Mohabbat is one of my favourite tracks that we’ve produced at IncInk. Of course, I dig all the stuff we’ve done, but this one for under my skin in the most beautiful way. One night in Berlin I was about to start work on something else, but this song was playing on a loop in my head, so I decided to have some fun. I had no agenda, no plan, but what I had lots of was feels. When I was naming the track, I had a moment of hesitation. Calling it a ‘bhand’ mix. Is it juvenile? Then this thought. What’s true is true, and if there’s one thing we do. It’s being honest about our art and ourselves. I was pretty bhand when I wrote it, so here it is. Served straight up, no adulteration. My bhand mix for one of the best love songs I have ever heard."

 Kaam Bhaari aka Kunal Pandagle adds "Our track Mohabbat is very much close to my heart. I feel like dancing to the rhythm of the bhand mix"

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