| 01 Apr 2023
To break monotony, I took up the new learning process: RJ Devangana

MUMBAI: Jaipur’s famous morning show radio jock, RJ Devangana has recently moved to 89.1 Radio 4 FM. The station known for their hit gaane has welcomed Devangana with open arms.

Her transition phase from FM Tadka to 89.1 Radio 4 FM has been really hard. She explains on what she’s looking forward for, “Music knowledge is something I am keen on learning and yes my shift to Dubai was difficult as I had my heart in Jaipur.”

“Kuch pane ke liye aapko kuch khona padta hai is something that has always been there in my mind. There is a perfect time for everything and I feel that learning is a never-ending process,” added Devangana who was lost in nostalgia.

She would be going on air mid-April and is currently spending her time exploring, she recollects her travel diaries, “I am a big time traveler, it’s in my blood. As I entered Dubai, I wanted to go to Burj Khalifa and it was in my bucket list to sip a coffee there. We saw this fountain musical show, enjoyed at Meena Bazar. Dubai is beautiful and I had loads of fun.”

Of course, on moving from an Indian radio station to now working at an International radio, Devangana has a lot to share about her experiences. She said, “Indian radio is completely different when compared to International radio. In India, we talk about social issues but here we are totally into Entertainment. This one is a commercial radio station, that’s where the difference comes.”

It was last year when RJ Devangana had won, RJ of the year title for non-metro, where she met a few bunch of people from Dubai radio station. This led to the idea of moving to Dubai.

“I had never played on moving out of India like this. To break monotony, I took upthe new learning process. I love to be in that rollercoaster and explore different aspects in terms of entertainment. Now, I am going to entertain the whole of UAE,” said an excited Devangana.

Talking about the content she would be speaking on her station, she revealed, "I would inform my audience about new travel places, which depends on the programming part because it’s a commercial station. Also, we would love to stick to entertainment, giving new segments a fresh feel."

In terms of work process, an international radio station differs. We asked Devangana if the briefing sessions were already done. On this, she said, “Yes they are done. According to me people over here spread positive energy. Ours is a contemporary hit radio station, where we play different sets of music, which happens to be a way to connect with people. Dubai is mainly into entertainment which is the first priority of the radio station.”

Moving to 89.1 Radio 4 FM Devangana still feels the Indian connect. She exclaimed, “The best part about Indian radio is you can speak your heart out. I do find a lot of Indian population in Dubai. People have helped me here in terms of accommodation and I do find positive vibes coming in.”

We all know the RJ has been into vlogging. On being asked about her next, she revealed, “Lifestyle vlogging is something that I am looking for because Indian lifestyle is different from the international scene. I would like our Indian people to update themselves in terms of fashion, tourism and much more.”

Through her vlogs, Devangana would update her audience on YouTube, on-air and social media.

Well, we at Radioandmusic congratulate her on her move to 89.1 Radio 4 FM.