| 20 Apr 2024
Amazon Prime Video launches the music album of Amazon Original Series Four More Shots Please! Season 2

Amazon Prime Video has launched the much-awaited music album of upcoming Amazon Original Series Four More Shots Please Season 2, exclusively first for Prime members on Amazon Prime Music. The album features seven new tracks and a remix each from Mikey McLeary and Darshan Raval. The album carry forward the show’s narrative while providing the perfect score for each character’s individual story arcs. The original soundtrack is created by Mikey McLeary, who lent his genius and created memorable tracks for the first season.

The album includes an eclectic mix of genres spanning across peppy party numbers, ballads, romantic tracks that accentuates the emotional journey of the friendship among the four imperfect women from romantic moments to soul-searching sojourns, character conflicts and the many moods of the show. The new album also includes new renditions of the first season’s popular title track and anthem, as well as Darshan Rawal’s friendship ballad – Yaara Teri Yaari – both remixed by DJ Akhil Talreja. These special soundtracks are available on Amazon Prime Video and the songs will be first available on Amazon Prime Music for an ad-free music listening experience for a week before other music streaming services. 

Listen to the new tracks here:


Song Title




Back Together

Saachi Rajadhyaksha

Achint Thakkar and Mikey McCleary 

Achint Thakkar, Saachi Rajadhyaksha and Mikey McCleary 

Jo Mera Dil Kare

Kaprila Keishing

Parth Parekh, Achint Thakkar, IP Singh and Mikey McCleary

IP Singh and Mikey McCleary

Killin It

Natania Lalwani

Natania Lalwani and Mikey McCleary 

Nantania Lalwani


Pinky Maidasani

Parth Parekh and Mikey McCleary 

Sandeep Taneja


Medha Sahi

Natania Lalwani and Mikey McCleary 

Natania Lalwani and Mikey McCleary 

Warning Signs

Zoe Siddharth

Natania Lalwani and Mikey McCleary 

Achint Thakkar and Mikey McCleary

Your Body on my Body

Natania Lalwani

Natania Lalwani, Parth Parekh and Mikey McCleary

Natania Lalwani and Mikey McCleary 

Four More Shots Please!- (Remix by Dj Akhil Talreja)

Mikey McCleary & Naquita D'souza  

Natania Lalwani and Mikey McCleary,Remixed by Dj Akhil Talreja

Natania Lalwani, Mikey McCleary and Mikey Mccleary

Yaara Teri Yaari- (Remix by Dj Akhil Talreja)

Darshan Raval

Darshan Raval.Remixed by Dj Akhil Talreja

Naveen Tyagi

Synopsis of season 2:

Four best friends will cuddle up again and tell the world to sit up and pay a little more attention to what women truly want. Girls will always be girls around their girls – the problems remain simple yet complicated and funny to each other. They will make new mistakes, but love each other little more fiercely and choose themselves over society's expectations. Replete with pop cultural references, Four More Shots Please! is the one thing you need to watch to get into the mind of the modern Indian woman.