| 17 Apr 2024
There is a myth that commercial radio players don't talk about social issues: RED FM COO Nisha Narayanan
MUMBAI: She is known for her staunch opinions and has been awarded as The Most Enterprising Leaders of Asia 2018. Yes we are speaking about RED FM COO Nisha Narayanan who left no stone unturned to share her thoughts on what needs to be done on the radio front. She was speaking at one of the panel discussions held at The Radio Festival in Delhi recently. She has given some information on how radios can also carry some local news with a body monitoring it and has thus broadened our perspective.
She informs that most of the players in the FM sector have been owned by much larger groups who do have both Print and Television as their sister wings. 
Narayanan elaborated, “You are not being allowed to carry news and current affairs. And when we talk about putting All India Radio (AIR) news on FM, it has 36-37 news gathering units. Now, what we need is local news as we don’t really need so much of national news. A person sitting in Jabalpur would want to know what is happening in his city and how is it actually going to affect his life and that is what we are not able to deliver. That is the news we really want to provide. We need regional news, which is not just in Hindi, it needs to be vocally spoken as well which caters to 291 cities." 
“There is a myth that commercial Radio players don’t talk about social issues. It is probably that we do but in an interesting manner. We have worked with government schools, Kailash Foundation. We do a lot of stuff, but it doesn’t get reported. There are a lot of differentiated formats like storytelling, reality radio, audio books etc., and a hoard of multiple formats that are also coming into the space. Unfortunately, we are looked upon just as a music station,” said Nisha Narayanan at The Radio Festival which was held in Delhi on 13 February on the occasion of World Radio Day.
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She also spoke on how Radio can get a new body monitoring them like Television channels have NBA (News Broadcasting Association). “Even if we take up some of the capital cities and do it as a trial run with All India Radio news’ monitoring unit being observant about what we speak and don’t speak and if the monitoring unit can be made stronger, it will help us,” said Nisha Narayan.
Well on the campaign front RED FM has their own air contest where RJ’s would be speaking about various buildings, monuments and listeners have to guess these places. This campaign is related to their anti air pollution campaign tagline Kolkata Ki Hawa Tight. This campaign has been brought to notify people about heavy smog, which is a huge hindrance on visibility in Kolkata. The city has topped in the recently held national air quality survey, showing signs of decline in the air quality.
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