| 20 Apr 2024
We want to be 'thought inspirers': BIG FM Country Head, Sunil Kumaran on revamp

MUMBAI: Popular Indian radio station BIG FM has rebranded itself and has now got a new logo and a new tagline - Dhun Badal Ke Toh Dekho. With the new version, we are quite pleased seeing BIG FM standing high to our expectations. To get a clear sight on the entire rebranding process, we spoke to THWINK, BIG FM Country Head, Sunil Kumaran who threw light on important information about the revamp.

On being asked about BIG FM’s new brand philosophy and how is it going to reflect, Kumaran said, “Our new brand tagline Dhun Badal Ke Toh Dekho is about looking at things from a different perspective. When it comes to the tagline, it should reflect the philosophy of the brand and has to be meaningful. It has to be very relevant from the consumer’s perspective. At the same time, it has to be inspiring enough for people to fall in love with it. That’s how typically we did create a tagline.”

He further mentions, “For us, an exercise to create a tagline was a two and a half month journey. So we started by understanding what radio as a medium can deliver and what are the consumers looking for? Is there a space in which we can play a role in?”

Kumaran elaborates on what he thinks on what consumers really want and the whole idea of fitting into their new brand philosophy, “India is evolving as a country very rapidly and because of this media is also evolving, that’s a revolution which is happening. If you look at media, there is so much noise and clutter happening, people are getting a little confused and they are finding it difficult to navigate through the space. Given that as a challenge, we as a brand can play any role in that person’s life and make something meaningful out of it.”

“We want to be ‘thought inspirers’ in the life of people.  So that’s where the thinking begins and radio as a medium can deliver that. Can we make people think? Can we make people look at different perspective and that’s why our tagline reads Dhun Bada Ke Toh Dekho. As a philosophy, we believe that change starts with you. What you think will translate into change for people around you. So, to trigger that conversation in your head is our role” said Kumaran.

On being asked about when did the idea of revamping the entire brand clicked them, Kumaran told, “We have been working on it for a couple of months now. The need was realized, a couple of months back, to have a purpose for the brand. So you have to live that promise on the day-to-day basis through whatever you do on-air, whatever you communicate in terms of marketing, everything has to reflect the same philosophy.  Once the product fronts, we will be living on the promise Dhun through everything on-air. Our product perspective will be brought through the fabric of the show.”

Earlier, BIG FM had come up with the campaign #IAmNotSorry to celebrate individuals who walked off the beaten path of life and broke social stereotypes. The campaign saw a huge success with everyone from listeners to celebrities sharing their own life instances of #sochbadlo moments and be not sorry for it. “On the marketing front, we launched this whole campaign called #IAmNotSorry, which was a creative take on the whole brand changing philosophy. The change starts with you. Product marketing wise both are working hand in hand,” he told.

“We have launched a whole lot of new initiatives, a new set of RJs have come on board and very soon audience will bet to hear a lot of new announcements on shows,” informed Kumaran.

Realigning the programming to reflect the new positioning, BIG FM has refreshed the music promise by playing favorite music tested with the audience besides bringing on board some big names from radio and entertainment space across all key markets. Vrajesh Hirjee will host Mumbai Maska Maar Ke - a fresh perspective on life in Mumbai.

 Some of the iconic shows are evolving with new formats and innovations. Suhaana Safar with Annu Kapoor Take 2 will witness thought-provoking dhun badlo stories from yesteryears. Yaadon ka Idiot Box with Neelesh Misra, in its new avatar, will feature topical themes and new styles of story-telling.

Movie reviews take a twist with Padma Shri Bhawana Somaaya in a brutally honest movie review show called Godmother of Reviews and fitness expert Simmi Sakhuja launches Jo Fit Hai, Woh Hit Hai - a practical and target based fitness regime. The station will reflect the new positioning in all aspects of its brand and communication.

Further, Kumaran spoke on what BIG FM is investing in, “We are investing behind talent and marketing as these are the two areas, we think, are important, especially talent because that’s where the product is and marketing as the communication has to reach out to the audience.”

Lastly, Kumaran also revealed their plan of focus in the year 2019, “2019 is going to be a consolidation of the positioning and really owning this up. It’s a long process. The metrics keep on changing, one being the FCT(Free Commercial Time) because we are very strong on content as space. It’s primarily all advertising. Our revenue, coming out of content, is seeing a big upswing.”