| 29 Nov 2023
Radio Nasha's RJ Anmol to host Radio Connex 2018

MUMBAI: Radio Connex, one of a kind radio celebration is all set to be held today in Mumbai.

With mind-blowing enthusiasm, the radio industry has shown towards this gathering, its quite exciting to see everyone from the radio industry under one roof. Well this massive event will be hosted by RJ Anmol, whom where he shares a few words,

Speaking about the same RJ Anmol said, "The only plan is there is no plan. It’s a Radio event, it is unplanned, that's how radio works and only when it is unplanned it comes from the heart. Also, I am from the industry itself ya, it's about my people and I know them.”

"This event would just feel like a family having fun," he further added.

Well as RJ Anmol would host the show, we are super excited to watch him slay his 'anchor styles' at Radio Connex.