| 21 Jul 2024
BIG FM's RJ Abhilash offers helping hand to cancer patients for treatment

MUMBAI: BIG FM has announced a campaign to fight against cancer in association with the Indian Cancer Society. The radio network has constantly believed in the power of radio not only to entertain listeners but also positively influence their lives. Led by RJ Abhilash, the week long campaign is slated to raise 10 lakhs for Indian Cancer Society. This gesture showcases RJ Abhilash’s ability to bring the city together and applauds Mumbai’s spirit to help and work towards a unanimous cause.

With #StruggleStories, RJ Abhilash had been running a fun contest around the struggles faced by Mumbaikars since two weeks. A call from a seven-year-old child who is suffering from cancer, describing his father’s struggles changed the course of the tonality from an amusingly casual contest to a serious conversation. The child describing his father’s struggles struck an emotional chord with RJ Abhilash and he dug deeper to understand the entire story. Post meeting the child’s family and the Indian Cancer Society, RJ Abhilash joined the fight against Cancer by taking up a pledge to support people who suffer from the disease and provide help to raise 10 lakhs for their treatment.

Speaking on this campaign, RJ Abhilash said, “The initiative is very close to my heart. The idea of the campaign came into the existence when I came across a story of a seven-year-old caller who has been diagnosed with cancer and is more concerned for his father’s struggles to make ends meet. I could relate to it and empathize out of my personal experience. It really hit me hard and I decided to extend a helping hand to cancer-affected people in the best possible manner with the support of Indian Cancer Society.”

Commenting on the campaign, a BIG FM spokesperson said, “As a brand with a purpose, BIG FM has always tried to foster change in society for a better tomorrow. We have successfully managed to play a meaningful, relevant and compelling role in the lives of listeners. Keeping in line with the new positioning of Dhun Badal Ke Toh Dekho, I am sure this campaign will help clearly reflect the brand ideology of not being mere entertainers but providing entertainment with a purpose.”

Speaking on the association, Indian Cancer Society Navin Kshatriya, said, “We are truly privileged to join hands with Big FM in this initiative. We were really impressed by the interest level shown by RJ Abhilash who proactively reached out and took a pledge to support a group of patients who suffer from the disease and require help with funds for their treatment. This truly will inspire a lot of people in society.”

The very empathetic RJ entertains the people of Mumbai in the evening drive time show which airs between 5 pm to 9 pm. Through his show and social media, he urged all Mumbaikars to join the pledge and come together to support people suffering from cancer. He also broke a few myths about cancer, explained the importance of awareness and precaution from experts of Indian Cancer Society.