| 22 Jul 2024
Wedding bells for Suryan FM RJ Krihpa
MUMBAI: RJ Krihpa, who has been working with Chennai radio station Suryan FM for three years, will be tying the knot with long time boyfriend Anandhakrishnan on 21 August 2016.

Krihpa, who is a full-time radio jockey with Suryan, handles three prime time shows. A Kollywood film buff, her shows,'Cinemascope' from 11am-12 pm followed by 'Dhishoom Dhishoom' at 3-4 pm and 'Kisu Kisu Geeta' from 6-7 pm are peppered with film trivia and information.

Talking to the 'to-be bride' shared her romantic ride  - from love quotes to marriage rituals.

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It is a love cum arranged marriage
After being in a six year long relationship, with plenty of obstacles on the way, the couple finally made it to the wedding grounds. "Initially, there were clashes in our family as we were Brahmins and they belonged to a different caste. But eventually, things settled down. Finally, we decided to take our love to the next level.
It wasn't love at first sight
I met him during an RJ hunt in Chennai. We were both finalists from our individual colleges. All girls used to go gaga over him but I never used to like him. In fact, I used to envy him, and his popularity. Then, when the competition was almost ending, I started having this little attraction towards him. We took pictures together, danced together and once we were like four people together holding each other's hand. I happened to find myself holding his hand. That's how it all began.
Initially, it was one-sided love
When we met, he was already into a relationship but a distressing one. We began chatting. I even spoke to his girlfriend. I remember, once I was accusing couples who indulge in PDA (Public Display of affection), he immediately confronted me and said I should not be judging people. That was the moment I started viewing him differently, and I started falling in love. But, it remained one-sided for a long time.
Finally, it happened

He was in a broken relationship and I was in head over heels love with him. His friends played a great part in bringing us together, They used to convince him to move out of a relationship where he wasn't happy and consider my love instead. He did not accept my love. Then we started going out and I proposed to him. He said he was not ready for a commitment. But I was sure I wanted marriage! I took two days and then decided, I would be happy just being in love with him.That's how our story began.

Wedding was meant to happen
After being together for six years and becoming extremely comfortable with each other, we were convinced that we could spend our lives with each other. He is an absolutely friendly person and a great guy. Any girl could fall for him. He used to work with Suryan FM as well but has now moved to digital marketing.
The wedding is going to happen in Pondicherry from where Anandhakrishnan hails and the reception will be held in Chennai.