| 20 Jun 2024
9X Media's platform to launch Daler Mehndi and Kailash Kher's songs

MUMBAI: We all know that 9X Media’s property promises to promote new artists and their songs. Recently, the platform launched Mika Singh’s Belly Ring, a song that marked his collaboration with international artist Shaggy. And now it is learnt that next on their list would be Daler Mehndi and Kailash Kher as informed by 9X Media Senior Vice President Creative content and New Business, Rajitta Hemwani.

She said, “SpotlampE is totally changing the game. Right from Shankar Mahadevan to Mika Singh to Shaggy, these are biggies who want to launch their originals on their screens. Next, we are launching Daler Mehndi’s song, which will be an ode to the army, a way to thank the armed forces. Kailash Kher would be next.”

Hemwani elaborated on the fact that 9X Media had launched Smash-ups, which was an apt platform to establish new DJ’s internationally to come to our country and use our platform to showcase their mixes. She added further, “Musicians don’t really need to go to a music label anymore. Also, for the first time in our country, there is a music channel that is signing them, mentoring them and giving them the screen for their launch. Also, in the coming years, we plan on launching one new artist every month, but there can be more.”

“Why can't we do what a music label does, we have so much more to offer to the artist. We have a reach of 240 mn plus to break a song. SpotlampE is not just for newcomers, but also a platform for established artists,” added Hemwani.

She gave a clear picture of what their content happens to focus upon, “The only strategy is the ‘product should be good, a good looking song video. It has to be something that a person has to come back to our channel to see. The idea is to change the game of original music. Our focus is on content and the way we consume it is going to be changed. Our focus is also on live concerts and our channel to reach new talent.”

Currently, there is a lot going in terms of 9X Media’s initiatives, which include Startruck, Foodtruck, Newsic and many more. The channel appreciates as well as nurtures musicians who can sing/compose music while also offering them a platform to showcase their music that is played on all 9X Media platforms. SpotlampE is also in the league where one can find abundant new music.

We will have to wait until further details are revealed.