| 01 Feb 2023
Being nominated for Radio ConnexÆs best RJ category makes me feel honoured to stand amongst the best from the industry: RJ Harshil, Radio City

MUMBAI: Radio City RJ Harshil, who is popular among the masses of Ahmedabad, is quite excited about his nomination in the best RJ category of Radio Connex.

Speaking about his nomination in the best RJ category, RJ Harshil said, “Being nominated for the Best RJ category of Radio Connex makes me feel honoured and proud to stand amongst some of the best from the industry. Having spent around 11 years in this industry has shaped my persona and nurtured my ability to present different content effectively in the best creative manner, so as to create a lasting impact in the minds of my listeners.”

“Being part of the two-month long campaign called ‘Vototsav’ and becoming the brand ambassador of the Gujarat Elections 2017 have been a huge step in helping me initiate change. Such initiatives and awareness campaigns, whether being in the studio or being amongst the public, have created a positive atmosphere towards shaping a better city, which makes me feel positive towards winning this title,” he further added.

On Radio Connex, which is honouring the excellence in Radio, Harshil exclaimed, “Firstly, I would like to congratulate Radio Connex for recognising great talents and creative minds of the radio industry and honouring them with this prestigious award. Radio Connex gives the Indian talents of Radio like me a platform to present ourselves on the international front. It also gives a platform for cultural exchange of views amongst the radio professional all over the country. It helps quench the thirst of radio professionals like me who are eager to meet talented personalities of the industry from across the country.”

Lastly, speaking about the International Radio Festival, which is a global Radio gathering, RJ Harshil signed off saying, “I am absolutely ready for it. Just the thought of representing myself in an International Radio Festival gives me goose-bumps as this was something that I have been waiting for since the inception of my career. It is a great opportunity to meet and learn from some of the great minds that I’ve always heard about in the international radio industry.”