| 20 Apr 2024
This World Music Day, BAJAAO brings Kala Ukulele to Indian shores

MUMBAI: As the world gives an ode to the power of music on World Music Day, BAJAAO brings the celebration closer home with the exclusive launch of the bestselling models of Kala Ukulele in India. Taken from the Hawaiian words uku (gift or reward) and lele (to come), ‘Ukulele’ means ‘the gift that came here’. Ukulele, being small, convenient and easy to play, and truly living up to its name, has become a favourite worldwide with both youngsters and adults alike. For musicians in India looking forward to explore the ukulele horizon, BAJAAO has yet again taken up another initiative by launching this exclusive collection from Kala.

Kala Brand Music & Co., one of the most renowned companies worldwide, is known for its outstanding Ukuleles that are used by popular artists like Vance Joy, Tyler Joseph from Stone Temple Pilots and YouTube Sensations like Rob Scallion and Julia Nunes, who also endorse the brand. While Kala takes pride in each and every Ukulele it builds, the models that would be exclusively available on for Indian music enthusiasts include some of the most stellar creations from the company like:

The Kala Makala Series: The Makala Series is one of the best entry level Ukuleles in the market. For musicians looking forward to explore the ukulele horizon without breaking their bank, this is a Go-to Uke!

The Satin Mahogany Series: This model features a Mahogany body with an elegant Satin finish and white binding. Traditional in looks, it has become an industry standard since its launch in 2005.

The Makala Waterman Series: It gives the player freedom to play practically anywhere without compromising the sound, at the same time being friendly on the wallet.

Since its inception in the 18th century, Ukulele’s peculiar Hawaiian tone has made it a distinct musical instrument. Not only does it sound beautiful in the right hands, but can also double up as a musical instrument that children would play and grow fond of. It works both as a backing as well as a solo instrument.

Commenting on the launch BAJAAO CEO Suman Singh says, “Ukuleles are a very versatile and fun instrument, yet they remain widely unknown in India. As our small contribution to the Indian music fraternity, we decided to use World Music Day as a global platform and introduce Indian music enthusiasts to Kala - one of the most popular brands in the world of ukuleles. We believed it was time Indian musicians could access these high quality ukuleles, used by some of the most known names in music globally, at the most competitive prices. This exclusive partnership with Kala is another big step in our effort at BAJAAO to bring world class music instruments at affordable prices to musicians in the country. ”

One of the widely faced problem by the Indian musicians was the unavailability of good quality Ukuleles at an affordable price. The music community for a long period of time, was clueless about its existence in India. But now with the introduction of Kala Ukuleles, the scenario is expected to change. BAJAAO hopes to entice more and more musicians to pick up the Uke, inspiring them to create their own signature sound. With the Introduction of Ukulele in India, intends to bring about the revival of the Classic Instrument that has and will inspire generations to come.