| 16 Jun 2024
We have been able to pioneer new ideas: Soumini Sridhara Paul

MUMBAI: Reigning with success for around ten years, Artist Aloud, an indie music platform has attained a respectable position in the Indian music independent scene. Discovering new talent and seeking unique content is what the platform strongly believes in. Soumini Sridhara Paul, Vice President, Hungama Artist Aloud assured this when we asked her on ‘Artist Aloud’s success journey’.

She added, “We have been able to pioneer new ideas. We always wanted to build something unique for our independent scene and that's been the approach over the years. We seek on what different can be done from the other player.”

She threw light on what was challenging for Artist Aloud, “ It’s not just about new talent, but also about original content. We came at a time when mainstream artists were all from Bollywood and it was more of brands. The biggest change what I observe is-every musician I meet today they mention they aren't doing day jobs anymore but are pursuing music full time.”

Soumini speaks about the platform- Artist Aloud’s approach towards 2020, “In 2019 we had collaborated with McDowells  No1 Yaari Jam Pad, we would want to continue what we have been doing in terms of new talent, more monetizing, more artists. Our catalog may not be very large but we have garnered more than 300 mn streams over the last years. We are an open door for a new artist. We did 'Discoveration Gen Next' -a new series featuring original English music created by teenagers last year. This 2020 we are hoping to take this to the next level. They were a talented bunch and people noticed them. We also have new IPs and content that we will draw out soon.”

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