| 22 Jun 2024
Shazam inks deal with Adspace Networks to expand into retail space

MUMBAI: The audio recognition service Shazam partnered with Adspace Networks Inc to bring Shazam enabled interactive ads to over 200 shopping malls in US. This will allow Adspace Networks to offer advertisers to enhance video campaigns with a second-screen content experience through Shazam’s technology.

The ad will allow shoppers to discover special offers and added content through Shazam. The ultrasonic signal of Shazam will be available on both the floor-mount and aerial screens, within a range of 40 feet. The Shazam ultrasonic signal is always active for the users even when the commercials are not playing.

Shazam CEO Rich Riley said, "At Shazam, our goal is to put the power of discovery into the hands of our millions of users wherever they are - whether it’s at home or on the go. With our latest launch, we’re excited to move into the mall environment for the first time, offering a whole platform for brands and consumers to connect in a meaningful way."

Talking about the partnership, Adspace Networks Inc CEO Dominick Porco said, "The marriage of mobile and location-based video just makes sense. Now, through our partnership with Shazam, we are able to offer our advertisers a seamless way to retarget their ads and extend their content to consumers’ smartphones."

According to the press note, Adspace Networks reaches 58 million unique shoppers each month through video advertising on 2,800 screens nationwide. Meanwhile, recently Shazam has announced that it has more than 100 million mobile monthly active users and it is adding 13 million users every month.