| 18 May 2024
TikTok meets ‘horizontal’, extends to 30 minutes limit

MUMBAI: Vertical video platform TikTok wants users to turn their phones around and start shooting horizontal videos — long ones, too. TikTok appears to be incentivizing creators to start posting horizontal videos that are more than a minute long, according to a prompt seen by creators @candicedchap.

The platform says it will “boost” these videos within 72 hours of posting. Creators who’ve been on TikTok for more than three months will b e eligible for the viewership boost, as long as the videos are not ads or from political parties. The Verge reached out to TikTok for additional information but didn’t immediately hear back. Most people who watch TikToks do so on their phones, which lends perfectly well to the vertical video format.

Turning a TikTok on its side relies on getting viewers to do the same. The YouTube-ization of TikTok has been happening for a while. The platform is testing 30-minute long videos, and that comes just a few months after it began expanding video lengths up to 15 minutes. Most YouTube videos tend to be 10 minutes or longer (think of “a week in the life” vlogs) for monetization reasons rather than the bite-sized-length content for which TikTok is famous.