| 14 Jun 2024
Universal Publishing MD Achille Forler quits

MUMBAI: Just over three years after joining Universal Music Publishing as the Managing Director, Achille Forler has put in his papers. The development took place two months ago. Forler will leave the organisation by the end of May, according to industry sources.

Forler founded India’s first music publishing company, Deep Emotions, which was acquired by Universal Music Publishing in 2013. For the last 15 years, he has been a forceful advocate for the rights of creators, highlighting the importance of publishing rights and the need for the creative industries to conform to the global royalties system. His ability to compel music companies to pay due royalties to authors, his stamp on the Amendments to the Copyright Act in 2012, and his call for transparency in the management of music societies did not endear him to the oligarchy that controls the