| 18 Apr 2024
SyncFloor partners with TuneCore to make artists' tracks easier to find and Sync

MUMBAI: SyncFloor, the search and discovery site for sync, has partnered with independent distributor TuneCore to build TuneCore Sync on the SyncFloor SyncSite platform.

The new TuneCore SyncSite will fit seamlessly into TuneCore’s web presences, offering deep insight into a hand-picked set of the best one-stop music by premier independent artists from around the world. Their work will be intuitively accessible to potential sync customers via the SyncFloor discovery platform whenever they need music with just the right sound.

SyncSites offer carefully crafted search and discovery tools to surface commercially released tracks ready to license. Users can search by vibe, song or artist reference, and even by popular film and TV titles, using language that reflects the way they think about music.

“SyncFloor has created a turn-key, branded portal to some of the most amazing, unique music we have, music that could be the right fit for a lot of productions and projects,” says Chris Dampier, VP of Publishing and Sync at TuneCore. “We’re excited to bring our artists to more production professionals and serve both sides by making great music easy to discover.”

“Independent artists have such diverse visions and voices, making them a wonderful resource for sync-friendly music that’s distinctive and high quality,” notes CEO and co-founder of SyncFloor Kirt Debique. “We’re thrilled to power TuneCore’s ongoing commitment to expanding opportunities for the artists they work with, while helping production professionals find that perfect track.”

In addition to working with partners through its SyncSite format, SyncFloor publicly launched its marketplace in early June 2020.