| 19 Apr 2024
Red FM's RJ Raunac celebrates his victory with his listeners

MUMBAI: RJ Raunac aka Bauaa from 93.5 Red FM recently won the Popular RJ of the Year by people’s choice’ 2017 award, based on public voting at the India Radio Forum (IRF). With this victory, RJ Raunac decided to surprise his biggest fans who got nominated by friends or family. He shocked these select listeners at the most unexpected time of their day and dedicates his trophy to them as gratitude as they are the real heroes of his triumph. The listeners so far have been stunned by this gesture, as they never imagined their own idol RJ Raunac aka Bauaa to show up just like that!

His energy for keeping his listeners engaged and entertained throughout the duration of his shows and his prankster calls has made him win the hearts of many. With his classic sense of humour to his tongue in cheek take on topical issues makes Raunac a popular jock. Raunac always maintains that it is extremely important to have clarity of what you want to do, combined with an infinite passion to make things work in radio.

Commenting on winning RJ Raunac said, “Thanks a lot India Radio Forum awards 2017 for giving me this honour and choosing me as the Popular RJ of the year. It is especially overwhelming to know that people from all over India have voted for this award. I am eternally grateful to Superhits 93.5 Red FM for believing in me. Every morning when I conclude my show, I silently thank God for the team I have. Together we are able to deliver the content which is fresh, relevant, witty and something that connects with my listeners and yes hum RED FM pe aise hi bajaate rahenge...”

A proud Red FM COO Nisha Narayanan said, “93.5 Red FM is not only the best radio network in India but in recent years RED FM and its talent has made a prominent mark internationally as well. We are delighted to win back to back awards; it has made the entire Red FM team super proud. It is a great achievement and I am very proud of RJ Raunac’s win for the most Popular RJ of 2017.  He connects with his listeners with his humorous man-child persona, which is a stressbuster for Delhi’s daily commuters. Raunac also from time to time takes up issues that he feels strongly about. Being a strong listener centric organization our focus is not only to entertain but also to add value to our listeners’ life by taking up issues which affect them or the society at large. We invest a lot in understanding the taste and likes of our listeners, and are overwhelmed with the love being extended to our RJs by our listeners.”

RJ Raunac is an experienced RJ known for his prank calls and ventriloquized voice. Composing poems and writing scripts for his hit shows is his forte. His voice is the one that greets you in the morning during transits, at home or in a traffic jam. It is his never-ending humour and incessant commentary on burning topics, with songs and laughter that has made him one of the most celebrated RJs that the generation wakes up to.

The voting commenced on the IRF page, where radio stations sent in entries for their most popular RJs. Red FM’s RJ Raunac made a stupendous win amongst the heavyweight competition from other radio stations across the country.

Thus, India’s most awarded and largest private radio network, 93.5 Red FM adds another feather to its cap by this win.