| 30 Mar 2023
Now control music while driving with SpotifyÆs æCar ViewÆ

MUMBAI: Seems like Spotify is leaving no stone unturned to rule global in the world of online music streaming. While the company’s deal with India’s top music label T-Series has already created buzz, now Spotify has a new update in the form of ‘Car View’.

Car View was present since July 2017 in the testing mode as ‘Driving Mode’, but it is made available widely to Spotify users for the first time.

Car View helps to control music, while driving by changing the interface. This mode enlarges all the icons, including media controls, song name, artist as well as both the Shuffle and Like buttons.

The feature also comes with disable option for those who might find the interface vibrating. They will have to just to go to Spotify’s Settings, scroll down and click on ‘Car View’ and off the toggle mode. On the contrary, the Car View, if kept on, will begin as soon as you will connect your phone to the Bluetooth of your car. The only drawback is the swiping between next or previous song for which, you will have to tap ‘Next’ or ‘Previous’ buttons.

Well, with ‘Car View’ being available to users from today, those music lovers can anticipate some new to explore, while driving, in the form of this feature.

Meanwhile, Spotify is all set to enter the Indian market by the end of this month, as per reports. It’s Indian reign will be worth the watch.